Major in Applied Music Performance (B.Mus.)
Music Core
MUS101Music Fundamentals1
MUS103Introduction to Music Literature2
MUS104Music Theory I3
MUS195Music Hour0
MUS202Music Theory II3
MUS203Music Theory III3
MUS312Music History and Literature I3
MUS313Music History and Literature II3
MUS322Instrumental Literature and Conducting3
MUS324Choral Literature and Conducting3
MUL143AIntroduction to Keyboard Theory 11
Performance Organizations 25-6
Private Lessons 25-6
Major Requirements
MUS301Music Theory IV3
MUS395Junior Recital0
MUS496Full Senior Recital0
Choose one emphasis from the Emphases tab10-12
General Education49-50
Total Credits122-128

This course meets a General Education requirement.


Instrumental K–12 majors take 5 credits of performance organizations and 5 credits of private lessons, resulting in 37 credits in the Music Core. All other majors are required to earn 39 credits for their core classes.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Must be in a performance organization for a minimum of four years.
  2.  Must fulfill recital and concert attendance requirement.
  3.  Must pass the piano proficiency.


MUL300Applied Composition2
Select two from Music Core and four additional 4
Select three of the following:6
Brass Methods
Percussion Methods
String Pedagogy
Woodwind Pedagogy
Total Credits12

Instrumental Performance

Private Lessons8
Select one of the following:2
Brass Methods
Percussion Methods
String Pedagogy
Woodwind Pedagogy
Total Credits10

Piano Performance

Private Lessons4
MUS210Collaborative Keyboard Skills2
MUS315Piano Literature3
MUS357Piano Pedagogy2
Total Credits11

Vocal Performance

MUS326Vocal Literature3
MUS363Vocal Pedagogy2
MUS366Italian and English Lyric Diction1
MUS367French Lyric Diction1
MUS368German Lyric Diction1
Total Credits8

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