GS780 • Senior Integrative Seminar. 3 Credits.

This senior-level seminar focuses on summative work in integrating a student's learning in Bible, theology, and history; ministry leadership; spiritual and personal formation; and intercultural sensitivity and competence. Integration methodologies are explored theoretically and practically. Methods conducive to integrative learning (e.g., case studies, team teaching) are utilized to explore both interdisciplinary and faith/praxis integration.
Special Notes: This course must be taken in the student’s final year.

GS001 • Graduate Research Seminar. 0 Credit.

The Graduate Research Seminar is a requirement for all students in a degree program. The seminar teaches students to design their research methodologies to most effectively complete course assignments. By learning how to efficiently use library tools and services, a student will save time and effort when completing assignments. The class will also focus on evaluating, citing, and using source material properly.