Master's Courses

GS 001 • Graduate Research Seminar. 0 Credit.

The Graduate Research Seminar is a requirement for all students in a degree program. The seminar teaches students to design their research methodologies to most effectively complete course assignments. By learning how to efficiently use library tools and services, a student will save time and effort when completing assignments. The class will also focus on evaluating, citing, and using source material properly.

GS 780 • Senior Integrative Seminar. 3 Credits.

This senior-level seminar focuses on summative work in integrating a student's learning in Bible, theology, and history; ministry leadership; spiritual and personal formation; and intercultural sensitivity and competence. Integration methodologies are explored theoretically and practically. Methods conducive to integrative learning (e.g., case studies, team teaching) are utilized to explore both interdisciplinary and faith/praxis integration.
Special Notes: This course must be taken in the student’s final year.

Doctor of Ministry Courses

GS 801 • Integral Research & Writing. 3 Credits.

The culmination of all doctoral level work is a research project commonly called a thesis or dissertation. Because the Doctor of Ministry degree is a "professional" doctoral degree, its focus is more practical than academic. However, it still requires a very high level of research, analysis, synthesis and writing. The purpose of the research project is to contribute new knowledge, models, and/or methodologies to the practice of ministry. The research project may also focus on discovering solutions to ministry challenges. Integral Research and Writing provides students with a comprehensive conceptual framework for conducting effective qualitative (and/or mixed method) research. This course also introduces students to a variety of research methodologies from which to pursue their research. Additionally, students will participate in an Integral Research Inventory to help them discover their most natural “research path” and begin the process of developing an integral research proposal. Students will also be exposed to matters related to doctoral level research writing and become familiar with the style guide that dictates the final form the research project report will take. This is a required course and should be taken by all students no later than their second course.

GS 901 • Thesis Proposal Foundations. 3 Credits.

Thesis Proposal Foundations (GS 901) and Thesis Proposal Workshop (GS 902) are two parts within a combined course unit and are to be taken in order in subsequent terms. For GS 901, students orient themselves to the nature of research proposals and the purpose of research. Additionally, students use GS 901 as a place to identify and refine their research topics, crystallize this topic in the form of a problem and response statement, begin to explore the relevant literature related to the topic, and develop a preliminary bibliography related to this literature. The identification and submission of a problem and response statement and the development and submission of a preliminary bibliography are the primary outcomes for Thesis Proposal Foundations. These outcomes serve as the basis upon which the Thesis Proposal Workshop will be conducted.

GS 902 • Thesis Proposal Workshop. 3 Credits.

All students in the Doctor of Ministry program will participate in a one-week thesis proposal workshop. Each participant will develop and bring to the workshop a preliminary thesis proposal developed according to guidelines stated in the pre-course assignments and based upon the work done in GS 901. The week will be spent in a process of modification, expansion and refinement of this proposal as well as in development of a strategy for proposal implementation and for the writing of the thesis project report.
Prerequisites: GS 901.

GS 991 • Thesis Project A. 3 Credits.

This course is for students who have completed GS 901 Thesis Proposal Foundations and GS 902 Thesis Proposal Workshop and are currently working on their thesis writing and engaged with their Thesis Advisor.
Prerequisites: GS 901, GS 902. Special Notes: This course is required and is Pass/ Fail.

GS 992 • Thesis Project B. 3 Credits.

This course is for students who have completed GS 991 Thesis Project 1, have an approved thesis proposal, are currently working on their thesis writing, and are engaged with their Thesis Advisor.
Prerequisites: GS 991. Special Notes: This course is required and is Pass/ Fail.

GS 993 • Thesis Project C. 3 Credits.

This course is for students who have completed GS 991/ GS 992 Thesis Project 1 and 2 and are currently working on their thesis writing and engaged with their Thesis Advisor. It is taken in the spring semester of the year they intend to graduate. This course is required and is graded by the Thesis Advisor based on the entire thesis and the oral defense. Students not meeting the guidelines will be put in extension status and required to meet graduation deadlines again the following year.
Prerequisites: GS 991, GS 992.