The required curriculum for the Doctor of Education degree in Leadership in K–12 Administation comprises a 61 credit sequence of courses. For course sequence, request a program calendar from the Graduate School.

EDUC800Historical, Cultural, and Philosophical Issues Impacting School Administration3
EDUC805Principles of Organizational Leadership3
EDUC810Curriculum and Instructional Management and Student Development3
EDUC815Technology in K-12 Education3
EDUC820Doctoral Research I3
EDUC825Leading in a Complex and Pluralistic Society3
EDUC830Administration of Essential Educational Programs3
EDUC835Measurement and Assessment3
EDUC840Administrative Operations and Personnel Administration3
EDUC845Doctoral Research II3
EDUC850Doctoral Research III3
EDUC855Administrators as Agents of Change3
EDUC860Legal Issues in School Administration3
EDUC865Resource Management in K-12 Education3
EDUC870Doctoral Research IV3
EDUC881Comprehensive Examination and Portfolio Review 11
EDUC890Dissertation Phase One 16
EDUC891Dissertation Phase Two 16
Select one of the following:3
Directed Study
Scholarly Advancement in K-12 Leadership
Principal Internship
Superintendent Internship
Director of Special Education Internship
Total Credits61

 Course must be taken for credit at Bethel.

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the courses for a hypothetical student that starts in the Summer Session.

First Year
  EDUC800 Historical, Cultural, and Philosophical Issues Impacting School Administration3
Second Year
EDUC805 Principles of Organizational Leadership3EDUC815 Technology in K-12 Education3EDUC825 Leading in a Complex and Pluralistic Society3
EDUC810 Curriculum and Instructional Management and Student Development3EDUC820 Doctoral Research I3 
 6 6 3
Third Year
EDUC830 Administration of Essential Educational Programs3EDUC845 Doctoral Research II3EDUC850 Doctoral Research III3
EDUC840 Administrative Operations and Personnel Administration3EDUC835 Measurement and Assessment3 
 6 6 3
Fourth Year
EDUC860 Legal Issues in School Administration3EDUC855 Administrators as Agents of Change3EDUC890 Dissertation Phase One6
EDUC870 Doctoral Research IV3EDUC865 Resource Management in K-12 Education31 3
 6 6 9
Fifth Year
EDUC891 Dissertation Phase Two6  
EDUC881 Comprehensive Examination and Portfolio Review1  
Total Credits: 61

 EDUC882, EDUC883. EDUC886, EDUC887, or EDUC889.