The M.A. (Christian Thought) degree prepares students for vocations located at the intersection of faith and culture. Graduates work in church, parachurch, academic, nonprofit, and marketplace contexts, with vocations ranging from pastors, teachers, and evangelists to scholars, activists, and business professionals. This program enables students to explore the intersection of Christian thought with philosophy, science, social issues, and other aspects of contemporary culture in conversation with other religions in the context of an expanding global Christian church. Students receive a rigorous grounding in Bible, theology, and history and learn to apply Christian thought in strategic and missional ways appropriate to their vocational context.

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of biblical content, a discerning approach to biblical interpretation, and theological reflection informed by historical traditions.

  2. Growth in emotional, spiritual, and relational health resulting in observable love for God and neighbor.
  3. An in-depth comprehension, analysis, and evaluation of the intersections of theology, philosophy, and culture with the goal of strengthening the active witness of the church in society and the academy.
  4. Intercultural competence for the purpose of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  5. Intentional integration of faith, learning, life, and practice.

Campus and Delivery

St. Paul: InMinistry

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts (Christian Thought) - St. Paul


Core Requirements
HS510Church History Survey3
NT516New Testament Survey: Narratives, Letters, and Revelation3
OT516Old Testament Survey: Law, Prophets and Writings3
NT518New Testament: Exegetical Explorations3
or OT518 Old Testament: Exegetical Explorations
TS512Systematic Theology I: God the Creator3
TS513Systematic Theology II: God the Redeemer3
TS516Christian Social Ethics3
Degree Specific Requirements
TS530Faith and Public Life3
TS605DETheology and Contemporary Culture3
TS632DEWorld Religions1.5
TS634DEReligious Pluralism1.5
TS640DEBiblical Justice1.5
TS733DETheology and Science1.5
TS739DETheology in Global Context3
TS781Faith and Vocation3
Other Requirements
GS001Graduate Research Seminar0
SP001Formation Assessments0
Total Credits42

A minimum of 42 semester credits is required for graduation from the M.A.(C.T.) program. The student is responsible for meeting all graduation deadlines and requirements. 

Academic Plans

The academic plan listed below serves as an example of what an academic plan for completing the Master of Arts (Christian Thought) could look like and should not be considered the final authority for determining when to take coursesSince paths toward completion may change due to course availability, courses and corresponding terms may vary from the examples below.

2.5 Year Completion

First Year
BT510 Hermeneutics3TS632DE World Religions1.5NT516 New Testament Survey: Narratives, Letters, and Revelation3TS512 Systematic Theology I: God the Creator3
TS530 Faith and Public Life3 HS510 Church History Survey3 
SP001 Formation Assessments0 TS634DE Religious Pluralism1.5 
GS001 Graduate Research Seminar0   
 6 1.5 7.5 3
Second Year
TS513 Systematic Theology II: God the Redeemer3TS640DE Biblical Justice1.5OT516 Old Testament Survey: Law, Prophets and Writings3TS739DE Theology in Global Context3
TS733DE Theology and Science1.5 TS605DE Theology and Contemporary Culture3 
NT518 New Testament: Exegetical Explorations3   
 7.5 1.5 6 3
Third Year
TS516 Christian Social Ethics3   
TS781 Faith and Vocation3   
Total Credits: 42