Minor in Spanish
SPA201Intermediate Spanish I3-4
or SPA203 Intensive Intermediate Spanish I in Guatemala
Choose one of the following intermediate Spanish II courses:3-4
Intermediate Spanish II
Intensive Intermediate Spanish II in Guatemala
Spanish for Health Professionals
Choose one of the following:3-4
Ibero-American History
Ibero-American History in Guatemala
Ibero-American History in Spain
Choose one from history courses in Spanish:4
Hispanic Cultures
Hispanic Cultures: Guatemalan Perspectives
Historic Spain and its Cultures
SPA300Introduction to Hispanic Literature3-4
or SPA305 Readings from Latin America and Spain
Choose from the following: 26
Electives from Spanish courses at 200-level or above
Marketing and Management in Spain
Teaching and Learning in Guadalajara
Methods in Teaching K-12 World Languages and Cultures
Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
Sociology of Third World Development
Photography in Spain
Total Credits22-26

This course meets a General Education requirement.


Only one course chosen may carry the EDU, LIN, or SCS designation.

Students are encouraged to study abroad. This experience could substitute for courses in the minor with prior approval of the department.