The required curriculum for the K–12 Principal License comprises a 36 semester credit sequence of courses. 

EDUC800Historical, Cultural, and Philosophical Issues Impacting School Administration3
EDUC805Principles of Organizational Leadership3
EDUC810Curriculum and Instructional Management and Student Development3
EDUC815Technology in K-12 Education3
EDUC825Leading in a Complex and Pluralistic Society3
EDUC830Administration of Essential Educational Programs3
EDUC835Measurement and Assessment3
EDUC840Administrative Operations and Personnel Administration3
EDUC855Administrators as Agents of Change3
EDUC860Legal Issues in School Administration3
EDUC865Resource Management in K-12 Education3
EDUC886Principal Internship3
Total Credits36

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the courses for a hypothetical student that starts in the Summer Session.

First Year
  EDUC800 Historical, Cultural, and Philosophical Issues Impacting School Administration3
Second Year
EDUC805 Principles of Organizational Leadership3EDUC815 Technology in K-12 Education3EDUC825 Leading in a Complex and Pluralistic Society3
EDUC807 Organizational Leadership in Higher Education3EDUC865 Resource Management in K-12 Education3 
 6 6 3
Third Year
EDUC830 Administration of Essential Educational Programs3EDUC855 Administrators as Agents of Change3 
EDUC840 Administrative Operations and Personnel Administration3EDUC835 Measurement and Assessment3 
 6 6 
Fourth Year
EDUC860 Legal Issues in School Administration3  
EDUC886 Principal Internship3  
Total Credits: 36