Major in Organizational Communication (B.A.)
COM210Perspectives on Human Communication3
COM213Media Communication3
COM220Group Communication4
or COM322 Advanced Group Communication
COM248Organizational Communication3
COM302Media Law3
COM350Corporate Communication3
COM363Methods of Communication Research4
COM481Internship in Communication3-4
COM494Capstone: Organizational Communication4
ENW115Reporting I3
Choose one of the following Oral Communication courses:4
Oral Interpretation 1
Argumentation and Debate
Advanced Public Speaking
Choose one of the following Communication Analysis courses:3-4
Political Communication
Rhetorical Criticism
Media Criticism and Theory
Topics in Communication Analysis
Communication Core40-42
Choose one emphasis from the Emphases tab 29-11
General Education49-50
Total Credits122-132

This course meets a General Education requirement.


An Individualized Organizational Emphasis is available for students who have a clear direction of what they want to do in their organizational careers that is not met by the emphases listed. The course sequence is arranged with consent of advisor and departmental approval.

Employee Communication Emphasis

COM370Interpersonal Communication4
Select two of the following:6-7
Human Resource Management
Staffing, Training and Development
Intercultural Communication 1
Topics in Organizational Communication
Topics in Relational Communication
Total Credits10-11

Event Management Emphasis

COM323Event Management & Leadership3
Select two of the following:6-7
Interpersonal Communication
Principles of Project Management
Public Relations Writing and Strategies
Topics in Organizational Communication
Topics in Relational Communication
Total Credits9-10

Strategic Communication Emphasis

COM376Public Relations Writing and Strategies3
Select two of the following:6-7
Principles of Marketing
Advertising and Promotion
Web Design for Mass Media
Topics in Organizational Communication
Feature Writing
Journalism for Social Change
Total Credits9-10

A student may also choose to use this course to meet a General Education requirement.