St. Paul Campus

Ceallaigh Anderson Doctor of Ministry Program Coordinator
Cindy Anderson Administrative Assistant for Internship and Placement
Barb Cionca Associate Director of the Cory Center
Beth Clark Student Advisor & Administrative Specialist
Debra Cordova Associate Director of Financial Aid
Danielle Dworak Associate Director, Student Development and Support
Rebekah Eller Program and Services Coordinator; Student Adviser for Student Development and Support
Laura Ellwanger Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Michelle Graber Assistant Registrar
Laura Harville Academic Services Manager
Justin Irving Director of Doctor of Ministry Program
Ross Jahnke Associate Dean of Academic Operations
Eric Johnson Seminary Lead Custodial Supervisor
Josh Manfred Academic Operations Specialist
Lori Matchefts Administrative Assistant for Assessment
Nick Matchefts Director of Internship and Placement
Ana Ortiz Registration Coordinator
Jeff Sanders Associate Dean of Formation and Student Development
Andrew Shold Student Development and Support Advisor/Communication Specialist
Scott Strand Instructional Technologist
Jenny Vang Administrative Assistant to the Vice President and Dean

Seminary Library - St. Paul

Mark Nygaard Circulation/Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
Sandra Oslund Director
Tim Senapatiratne Reference Librarian

San Diego Campus

Brian Barga Administrative Assistant, Student Services, Supervised Ministry and Student Assessment
Adrienne A. Aguirre Coordinator for Development
Mary Lou Bradbury Librarian
Shirley Bunch Business Office/Facilities Coordinator
Mitchell Campbell Administrative Assistant to the Dean and Academics
Natalie Hendrickson Director of Supervised Ministry and Student Assessment
Arnell Motz Acting Dean & Executive Officer/Faculty Associate for Missional Leadership and Preaching
Keith Olson Director of Marital and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling
Julianne Stockton Administrative Assistant, Marital and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling
Sherry Stockton Director of Academic Operations; Associate Registrar
Andy Johnson InMinistry Coordinator (San Diego)

Seminary Admissions

Theola Campbell Senior Enrollment Counselor (San Diego)
Skip Crust Enrollment Counselor (Online Programs)
Amara Falk Campus Visit and Website Coordinator
Jennifer Niska Director of Admissions
Austin Satrom Enrollment Counselor (St. Paul)
Terry Stephens Senior Enrollment Counselor (St. Paul)
Mackenzie Kinninger Enrollment Counselor (San Diego)

Auxiliary Personnel

Richard Glasow, M.D. School Physician
Liz Miller, R.N. Director of Health Services