The required curriculum for the M.A. in Teaching comprises a 38–39 semester credit sequence of courses. For course sequence, request a program calendar from the Graduate School.

EDUC614Educational Research 11
EDUC621Foundations in Education3
EDUC624Introduction to Theories and Practices of Teaching and Learning3
EDUC630General Teaching Methods for 5-12 Classrooms3
EDUC661Field Experience2
EDUC663Understanding Diversity and Student Needs2
EDUC665Teaching Content Area Literacy3
EDUC668Classroom Technology1
Select one of the following:3-4
Methods of Teaching Mathematics, 5-12
Methods of Teaching Science, 5-12
Methods of Teaching Visual Arts, K-12
Methods of Teaching World Languages and Cultures, K-12
Methods of Teaching TESOL, K-12
Methods of Teaching Communication Arts and Literature, 5-12
Methods of Teaching Business, 5-12
Methods of Teaching Social Studies, 5-12
EDUC750Student Teaching Seminar5
EDUC755Preparing the Thesis/Action Research Project 11
EDUC778Student Teaching Placement I5
EDUC779Student Teaching Placement II3
EDUC790Writing the Thesis/Action Research Project 13
Total Credits38-39

 Course must be taken for credit at Bethel.