The required curriculum for the accounting major comprises a 51 semester credit sequence of courses intended to be taken consecutively throughout the calendar year. The Accounting major cannot be combined with the Business Management major, the Finance major, or the M.I.S. major.

ACCT400Financial Accounting for Managers3
ACCT405Intermediate Financial Accounting I3
ACCT410Intermediate Financial Accounting II3
ACCT415Cost/Managerial Accounting3
ACCT420Income Tax Accounting3
ACCT425Corporate Auditing3
ACCT430Advanced Accounting3
BUSN301Foundations of Business Management 13
BUSN323Introduction to Marketing Management3
BUSN360Information Technology and Applications 23
BUSN405Survey of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics 13
BUSN415Intermediate Macroeconomics3
BUSN425HApplied Ethical Decisions in Life and Business3
BUSN430Business Law3
BUSN491Business Capstone 13
FINA400Corporate Finance 13
MATH301MManagerial Mathematics3
Accounting Major Total51
General Education, Core Distinctives, and Elective Courses71
Total Credits122

Course must be taken for credit in residence at Bethel.


Completion of BUSN360 prior to taking other upper-level BUSN courses (BUSN300-499) is recommended.

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes major courses and the Core courses for a hypothetical student that starts in the Fall Semester.

First Year
BUSN301 Foundations of Business Management3CORE300 Community, Self and Formation: Ancient and Contemporary Narratives3BUSN425H Applied Ethical Decisions in Life and Business3
BUSN360 Information Technology and Applications3BUSN323 Introduction to Marketing Management3BUSN430 Business Law3
 BUSN405 Survey of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics3 
 MATH301M Managerial Mathematics3 
 6 12 6
Second Year
ACCT400 Financial Accounting for Managers3BUSN415 Intermediate Macroeconomics3ACCT415 Cost/Managerial Accounting3
CORE310 Scripture and Society3ACCT405 Intermediate Financial Accounting I3ACCT420 Income Tax Accounting3
FINA400 Corporate Finance3ACCT410 Intermediate Financial Accounting II3 
 9 9 6
Third Year
BUSN491 Business Capstone3  
ACCT425 Corporate Auditing3  
ACCT430 Advanced Accounting3  
Total Credits: 57