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College of Adult & Professional Studies

Continuing Bethel’s tradition of academic excellence, the College of Adult & Professional Studies offers adults the opportunity to earn undergraduate degrees in a format designed for people already in careers. 

Because Bethel values the rich and diverse experience adult students bring to the classroom, students actively participate in the learning process. Performance is evaluated primarily on written assignments, class discussions, projects, and small-group participation. Courses emphasize the application of learning to the professional needs and interests of each student. A Christian worldview is integrated with coursework throughout the program.

The College of Adult & Professional Studies offers the first 45 credits of required general education courses through the General Studies program. Students can earn an associate of arts degree (A.A.), an associate of science degree (A.S.), a bachelor of arts degree (B.A.), a bachelor of science degree (B.S.), and specific certificates. Detailed information about each degree, minor, and certificate, including admission and graduation requirements and course descriptions, is provided in this publication.

The core sequence of each major is typically structured as a series of courses taken one at a time with classes meeting one evening each week or online. Courses are offered when minimum enrollment standards have been met.

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