(Recommended for careers in medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, podiatry, or chiropractic medicine as well as a career as a physician assistant.)

BIO 120
BIO 121
Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
and Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab
BIO 122
BIO 122D
Introduction to Organismic Biology
and Introduction to Organismic Biology Lab 1
CHE 113
CHE 113D
CHE 214
CHE 215
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
and General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab 1
CHE 224
CHE 225
CHE 226
CHE 227
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Lab
and Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry II Lab
Choose one of the following sequences:4-8
Essentials of Biochemistry
and Essentials of Biochemistry Lab
Biochemistry I
and Biochemistry I Lab
and Biochemistry II
and Biochemistry II Lab
Choose one of the following sequences:8
Introductory Physics I
and Introductory Physics I Lab
and Introductory Physics II
and Introductory Physics II Lab 1
General Physics I
and General Physics I Lab
and General Physics II
and General Physics II Lab
Total Credits36-40

Additional courses in mathematics, composition, literature, and social and behavioral sciences may be required by specific professional schools.