The purpose of the Master of Arts (Theological Studies) is to prepare whole and holy learners for teaching ministries in the church, and to equip others for further studies and eventual vocations in teaching, research, and witness in academic settings. The degree is also suited for those with a non-vocational interest in graduate-level biblical, historical, or theological studies. While their scholarly competencies will be closely assessed in respective courses, students will also be in purposeful dialogue with matters of spiritual and personal formation and leadership competencies particular to church-related teaching ministries and academic vocations in biblical, historical, or theological disciplines. The objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of biblical content, a discerning approach to biblical interpretation, and theological reflection informed by historical traditions;
  2. Growth in emotional, spiritual, and relational health resulting in observable love for God and neighbor;
  3. Capability and skills in the area of concentration;
  4. Intercultural competence for the purpose of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and
  5. Intentional integration of faith, learning, life, and practice.

The degree is awarded upon completion of 51 semester credits.

M.A. (T.S.) students are not required to declare a concentration. For those who choose to pursue a concentration, a complete list of all concentrations available is available in the "Concentrations" section of this program. Students who choose to earn a concentration may need to take independent studies or extend the length of time to degree completion in order to fulfill the requirements of a particular concentration. 

For complete degree requirements refer to the degree requirements page.

Campus and Delivery

  • St. Paul Face to Face
  • San Diego Face to Face
  • Fully Online

Master of Arts (Theological Studies)

St Paul, San Diego, Online

Core Requirements
BT 510Hermeneutics3
HS 510Church History Survey3
NT 516New Testament Survey: Narratives, Letters, and Revelation3
OT 516Old Testament Survey: Law, Prophets and Writings3
NT 518New Testament: Exegetical Explorations3
or OT 518 Old Testament: Exegetical Explorations
TS 512Systematic Theology I: God the Creator3
TS 513Systematic Theology II: God the Redeemer3
TS 516Christian Social Ethics3
Degree Requirements
OT 518Old Testament: Exegetical Explorations3
or NT 518 New Testament: Exegetical Explorations
Concentration Courses and Electives
Electives (CBTF Courses) 112
Free Electives6
Other Requirements
GS 001Graduate Research Seminar0
GS 780Senior Integrative Seminar3
SP 001Formation Assessments0
or SP 002 Formation Assessments
SP 510Introduction to Spiritual and Personal Formation3
Total Credits51

A minimum of 51 semester credits is required for graduation from the M.A.(T.S.) program. The student is responsible for meeting all graduation deadlines and requirements.


Master of Arts (Theological Studies) Concentrations

Biblical Studies

  • San Diego/St. Paul -Face to Face & Fully Online
  • M.Div., M.A. (Theological Studies)

The Biblical Studies concentration deepens students’ understanding of the Bible’s history and its integrative themes, and equips them with additional skills for responsible interpretation of the biblical message. The concentration is also recommended as preparation for advanced degrees in biblical studies. Concentration requires 12 credits of courses in the Biblical Interpretation, Biblical Theology, Old Testament, and/or New Testament subject areas.

BI, BT, OT, or NT Course3
BI, BT, OT, or NT Course3
BI, BT, OT, or NT Course3
BI, BT, OT, or NT Course3
Total Credits12

Theological and Historical Studies

  • San Diego/St. Paul - Face to Face & Online
  • M.Div., M.A. (Theological Studies)

This concentration acquaints students more fully with the theological resources of the Christian tradition and the church’s experience through the centuries. It provides opportunity to develop theological skills and to selectively appropriate from the Christian heritage what may be usefully applied to contemporary challenges and opportunities. The concentration is also recommended as preparation for advanced degrees in these fields. Concentration requires: 12 credits of courses in the Historical Studies, Theological Studies, and/or Philosophy of Religion subject areas.

HS, TS, or PH Course3
HS, TS, or PH Course3
HS, TS, or PH Course3
HS, TS, or PH Course3
Total Credits12