Minor in Spanish
Choose one from Intermediate Spanish I courses:3-4
Intermediate Spanish I
Intensive Intermediate Spanish I in Guatemala
Choose one of the following intermediate Spanish II courses:3-4
Intermediate Spanish II
Intensive Intermediate Spanish II in Guatemala
Spanish for Health Professionals
Choose one of the following:3-4
Ibero-American History
Ibero-American History in Guatemala
Ibero-American History in Spain
Choose one from history courses in Spanish:4
Hispanic Cultures
Hispanic Cultures: Guatemalan Perspectives
Historic Spain and its Cultures
SPA 300Introduction to Hispanic Literature3-4
or SPA 305 Readings from Latin America and Spain
Choose from the following: 16
Electives from Spanish courses at 200-level or above
Marketing and Management in Spain
Teaching and Learning in Guadalajara
Methods in Teaching K-12 World Languages and Cultures
Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
Sociology of Third World Development
Photography in Spain
Total Credits *22-26

Students are encouraged to study abroad. This experience could substitute for courses in the minor with prior approval of the department.