The College of Adult & Professional Studies (CAPS) will consider applicants who meet the general requirements for admission to the College. For admission to certain majors or certificates, applicants must meet additional admission requirements.

Meeting minimal entrance requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission. Exceptions to minimum criteria may be made at the discretion of the admissions committee. 

Students who have not achieved the minimum GPA, grade standards, or other assessment criteria may still apply to be considered for provisional acceptance. See Admission Categories.

If there is reason to doubt the validity of the high school diploma, transcript, or recognized equivalent, Bethel University will follow its procedures to verify completion of high school, recognized equivalent of a high school diploma, or college coursework.

Admission Calendar

Once accepted, Bethel University offers multiple opportunities for students to start their program throughout the year, in either a term format or a dynamic rolling basis. Students may contact the Office of Admissions for the next available start date for each program.

Course/Cohort Cancellation

Bethel University reserves the right to change the start date or to cancel any course at any time up to ten calendar days before the start of the course. 

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