The curriculum for the Academic Behavioral Strategist K–12 License is 53 credits. Courses for the full license are designated as Standards of Effective Practice (SEP) courses, Special Education License Core (SPED) courses, and ABS License (ABS) courses. Students who already hold a full professional teaching license take only the SPED Core courses and ABS courses. Students with a qualifying special education license take only the ABS courses.  All other students take the SEP courses, the SPED Core courses, and the ABS courses.

Standards of Effective Practice Courses: 16 credits
EDUC 594General Methods of Effective Instruction3
EDUC 595School-wide Systems Field Experience1
EDUC 621Foundations in Education3
EDUC 624Introduction to Theories and Practices of Teaching and Learning3
EDUC 663Understanding Diversity and Student Needs2
EDUC 668Classroom Technology1
EDUC 751Special Education Student Teaching Seminar3
Special Education License Core courses: 17 credits
SPED 605Introduction to Special Education1
SPED 608Introduction to Academic Instruction and Behavior Management for the Exceptional Learner3
SPED 610Norm-Referenced Assessment3
SPED 620Reading Foundations3
SPED 621Reading Field Experience1
SPED 625Special Education: Planning and Programming3
SPED 670Special Education Assessment Field Experience1
SPED 675Consultation, Collaboration & Resources2
ABS License courses: 20 credits
SPED 600Characteristics of Mild-Moderate Disabilities3
SPED 618Foundations of Instructional Strategies for Students with Mild-Moderate Disabilities3
SPED 631Responsive Instruction, Intervention, and Assessment3
SPED 641Introduction to Behavioral Methods & Mental Health for Mild to Moderate Special Needs3
SPED 655Classroom-Based Assessment3
SPED 673ABS Field Experience1
SPED 780ABS: Student Teaching4
Total Credits53