Requirements for an Associate of Arts Degree

General Requirements for an Associate of Arts Degree

The associate of arts degree contains a balanced program of liberal arts education without orientation to a particular major or minor. Requirements for the degree include 61 semester credit hours and the designated competencies as listed below. These requirements can usually be met in two years of full-time study. General Education Entry/Transfer levels apply to students seeking an associate of arts degree.

General Education Courses: 29-31 credits

Introduction to Wellbeing (GES 140)

Inquiry Writing Seminar (GES 160) OR Western Humanity in Christian Perspective I-III (GES 145GES 147, and GES 244

Introduction to the Bible (BIB 101)

Christianity & Western Culture (GES 130) OR Western Humanity in Christian Perspective I-III (GES 145GES 147, and GES 244

Artistic Experience (A)

Mathematics course (M)

Laboratory Science course (D)

Introduction to the Creative Arts (GES 125) OR Western Humanity in Christian Perspective I-III (GES 145GES 147, and GES 244

World Cultures course (U)

Contemporary Western Life and Thought course (L) (prerequisite: GES 130 or GES 145 and GES 147) OR Western Humanity in Christian Perspective I-IV (GES 145GES 147GES 244, and GES 246

(Students entering Bethel with credits, may be exempted from some of the General Education requirements based on their General Education Entry Standing. See the Transfer of Credits section of this catalog.)

Arts, Humanities, and Science: 5 credits

Choose courses from: humanities, social science, communication studies, natural sciences, or mathematics

Electives: 25-27 credits as needed to complete the required 61 credits for the Associate of Arts degree. 

Additional Requirements

  1. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.00.
  2. At least 28 of the last 35 credits must be taken at Bethel.
  3. One january session course.
  4. Taken at Bethel: 
    1. A minimum of 3 semester credit hours in General Education Biblical Foundations courses taken at Bethel.
    2. GES 130 Christianity and Western Culture or GES 145 through GES 244 in the Humanities Program (must be taken at Bethel; cannot be brought in through any other programs).
  5. Upon completion of program, participation in commencement ceremonies is expected.
  6. Participation in commencement ceremonies is permitted for students who have not completed all graduation requirements provided that they have no more than seven (7) credits by the end of the fall term of the next academic year. For December commencement, courses must be completed by the end of the spring term of the same academic year. Policies regarding residency for particular courses apply.

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