Bethel University excels in preparing students to work in healthcare. In addition to majors and minors in healthcare fields, we offer endorsements, and pathways and, through our dual enrollment program with the College of Adult & Professional Studies, we offer healthcare-related certificates. The University has an excellent reputation for preparing students for graduate schools to pursue careers as physicians, physician assistants, optometrists, osteopaths, podiatrists, dentists, physical therapists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, veterinarians, and other types of healthcare professionals.
Bethel's Center for Healthcare Excellence partners with various companies in the healthcare industry, including companies providing healthcare and health insurance and those developing medical devices and healthcare-related software. As a result of these partnerships, Bethel graduates are sought by healthcare employers for their understanding of healthcare, the skills required to work in this high-demand field, and for the critical thinking and communication skills they acquire through their liberal arts education. 
Bethel offers the following opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare:

Undergraduate Degree Programs:

B.A. in Community Health

B.S. in Nursing

Endorsements and Pathways:

Certificates (offered through the College of Adult & Professional Studies):

Pre-Medical and Preparation for Other Graduate Programs in Health:

Recommended Pre-Medical Track

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Southwest Baptist University (Articulation Agreement)

Bethel Graduate Programs in Healthcare:

M.S. in Nurse-Midwifery

M.S. in Physician Assistant at Bethel University

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Pre-Medical and Preparation for Other Graduate Health Programs

As a result of the university’s excellent reputation with many professional schools, a significant number of Bethel graduates are accepted into healthcare programs each year. Professional schools seek well-rounded graduates with a genuine interest in helping people. Students are encouraged to complete a major that best fits their interests, while allowing them to take courses required for the graduate program they desire. While these students are not limited to a specific undergraduate major, they should realize that each professional program expects certain courses to be completed before admission. Students interested in a graduate program in healthcare should meet with one of Bethel’s healthcare professional advisors as early as possible for advice on selecting a major and to plan the best way to complete prerequisite requirements before graduation.

Recommended Pre-Medical Track

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Southwest Baptist University