Visit the tuition and costs webpage for current tuition costs. Any changes will typically take effect at the beginning of an academic term. Published information includes tuition for each academic program, course audit fees, and other costs. Bethel Seminary reserves the right to change any financial charges or regulations listed in this catalog.

Master's Level Programs Tuition: Face-to-Face, Online, SemPM programs $508/credit
Doctor of Ministry: Self-directed program tuition $382/credit
Doctor of Ministry: Cohort-based program tuition $550/credit


Application fee, online application free of charge
Student Activity fee, all programs, per semester (Fall and Spring) $31
Graduate Research Seminar fee (St. Paul) $26
Independent study surcharge, master's and doctoral programs (in addition to course tuition) $255
Marriage and Family Therapy Supervised Clinical Experience Continuation Fee $357
Professional Internship Continuation Fee $350
Continuing fee for MF 785 & MH 785 until completion of Senior project $250

Auditing Charge

Normal Audit Rate $100 per audit hour
Bethel Seminary Alumni, Pastors (and spouses), Full-time Employees of Christian Ministry Agencies (and spouses), Senior Citizens (60+) $50 per audit hour
Current Master's Degree Students and Spouses (excludes InMinistry and other fully online courses) $0 per audit hour

Assessment, Testing, and Participation Fees

These fees are charged in addition to regular tuition for these courses.

SP 001 Formation Assessments (St. Paul) $515
SP 002 Formation Assessments (San Diego) $515
SP 004 Formation Assessments (St. Paul) $475
TL 001 Vocational Assessments (St. Paul) $355
TL 002 Vocational Assessments (San Diego) $355
TL 003 Vocational Assessments $355


CF 620 Participation Fee (St. Paul) $50
SP 510 Participation Fee (St. Paul and San Diego) $25
SP 610 Participation Fee (St. Paul and San Diego) $25

D.Min. students

Assessments TL 005 $420
Extension fee per semester $357

Clinical Pastoral Education Fee 

Students who take Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and are registered in PC 705 or PC 566A and PC 566B will pay site supervisory fees directly to the CPE center. These fees are reimbursed to students at the completion of the CPE unit. See the Director of Internship and Placement (St Paul) or Director of Supervised Ministry and Student Assessment (San Diego) for details.

Registration Fees

Change of registration fee (per time) $30
Late registration fee $75

Graduation Fees

M.A., M.Div. (San Diego) $55
Doctor of Ministry (San Diego) $770
Doctor of Ministry (St. Paul) $715

Total Charges for the Current Period of Attendance

The charges below are based on the typical student load of 15-18 credits taken in an academic year as well as all fees for attendance during the academic year.  For purposes of calculating these total charges, the academic year includes Fall Semester 2018, Interim Term 2019, Spring Semester 2019, and Summer 2019.  These charges may differ depending on how each student customizes his or her curriculum to meet their individual needs.  These charges do not include books, materials or supplies. 

Doctor of Ministry: Missional Effectiveness Cohort Program $6,943
Master of Divinity $10,192
Master of Arts (Theological Studies) $10,642
Master of Arts in Ministry $10,784
Master of Arts (Christian Thought) $9,477
Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling $11,588
Master of Arts Marital and Family Therapy $11,588
Certificate in Anglican Studies $10,756
Certificate in Ministry $10,756
Certificate in Biblical Studies $4,660

Estimated Total Charges for the Entire Education Program

The following estimated total charges for the entire education programs listed below that are offered at Bethel Seminary San Diego.  These numbers are based on current tuition rates and fees.  These charges do not include books, materials or supplies.  Prices reported here are subject to change without notice.  

Doctor of Ministry: Missional Effectiveness Cohort Program $27,773
Master of Divinity $40,768
Master of Arts (Theological Studies) $26,604
Master of Arts in Ministry $26,959
Master of Arts (Christian Thought) $18,953
Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling $34,763
Master of Arts in Marital and Family Therapy $34,763
Certificate in Anglican Studies $10,756
Certificate in Ministry $10,756
Certificate in Biblical Studies $4,660


Transcripts cannot be issued until all accounts are paid in full. The charge for each transcript issued is $8. Visit the registrar's website to request transcripts.

Bethel Seminary Refund Policy

This policy applies to students who cancel their Enrollment Agreement in writing, drop or withdraw from one or more Bethel Seminary courses in a term, or who are administratively withdrawn or expelled.  Students dropping or withdrawing from all courses in a term are considered withdrawn for refund purposes. 

Enrollment Agreement.  Students at the San Diego campus are required to submit an Enrollment Agreement prior to registering for classes.  

Institutional Charges.  Institutional charges generally are defined as the charges for tuition and fees, room and board, and other educational expenses that are paid to the school directly. Noninstitutional charges are excluded from the refund calculations, and include (a) group health insurance fees if the insurance is required for all students and the coverage remains in effect for the entire period for which the student was charged, despite the student’s withdrawal, (b) charges to a student’s account for discretionary, educationally related expenses (e.g., parking or library fines, the cost of athletic or concert tickets, etc.), and (c) any enrollment deposit or application fee not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250).

Full Refund Period.  The full refund period is the later of (a) the seventh day after submitting a signed Enrollment Agreement, or (b) the seventh day after the beginning of the semester.  Modular courses, which begin after the first week of the semester and/or end before the final week of the semester, also have a 100 percent refund period through the seventh day of the course.

Full Refund.  Seminary students are entitled to a 100 percent refund of institutional charges and monies paid to their student accounts provided they (a) withdraw from the course(s) before the end of the Full Refund Period; or (b) cancel their Enrollment Agreement within seven days of its submission. The Enrollment Agreement must be cancelled in writing.

Pro-Rata Refund.  Students who withdraw after the Full Refund Period receive a pro-rata refund of institutional charges up to and including 60% of the enrollment period.  The percentage of institutional charges and financial aid retained on the student’s account is equal to the percentage of the period of enrollment that was completed.

No Refund.  Students who withdraw after the end of the pro-rata refund period are not eligible for a refund.  There shall be no refund available to the student if the student withdraws after completing more than sixty (60) percent of the enrollment period.

Financial Aid refunds.  Students who receive Federal student aid are subject to the applicable regulations under Title IV of the Federal Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended.  Minnesota financial aid funds are refunded in accordance with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education refund policies.  Bethel controlled financial aid and other non-federal financial aid funds are applied at the same rate as the tuition refund percentage.

The institution will return all necessary monies as outlined in the refund distribution. Students will be billed for any outstanding balance on their account. If the student has a refund or credit balance, a refund is expected to be made within forty-five (45) calendar days of the student’s completion of, or withdrawal from, the course(s) in which the student was enrolled. Students considering a withdrawal should contact the Business Office with questions about a refunds of institutional charges, or the financial aid office with questions about refunds of financial aid.

Petition Process

A petition process exists for students who feel individual circumstances warrant an exception from the published Bethel Seminary refund policy. Students may submit a written petition, with documentation of “special circumstances” to their Student Success Advisor.  The Registrar’s Office ensures students are notified of the results of their petition.

Tuition, Fees, and Payments

Full payment or enrollment in the 4-Month Semester Payment Plan is required at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Full payment is due on the first day of class for summer school.

Students are responsible for payment reaching the St. Paul Business Office when due, regardless of the source of payment. Payment must be received in U.S. dollars. If loans are needed to help meet a financial obligation, students may apply for them through the Office of Financial Aid. Loan applications should be made well in advance of registration for funds to be disbursed at the beginning of the term. A late fee of .5% per month will be assessed on any charges more than 30 days past due. Enrollment for succeeding terms is dependent on full payment of the previous term’s expenses.

Payment Options

Full Payment (Option 1)

Full payment for Fall Semester is due on September 4, 2018.

Full payment for Interim/Spring Semester is due January 15, 2019.

Full payment for Summer School is due on May 30, 2019.

4-Month Semester Payment Plan (Option 2)

Students have the option to enroll in a 4-Month Semester Payment Plan. See the important enrollment dates and information in the next column.

Fall Semester Payment Plan

Enrollment in the fall payment plan is available beginning on approximately August 10, 2018. The deadline to enroll in the payment plan and pay your first installment is September 15, 2018. The remaining installment payments for fall are due on October 15, November 15, and December 15.

Spring Semester Payment Plan

Enrollment in the spring payment plan is available beginning on approximately December 22, 2018. The deadline to enroll in the payment plan and pay your first installment is January 15, 2019. The remaining installment payments for spring are due on February 15, March 15, and April 15.

The 4-Month Semester Payment Plan is for all charges on the student account. Enrollment in the payment plan is elected online on a semester-by-semester basis, with payments spread out over the semester. The enrollment fee is $30 per semester. The monthly payment amount is recalculated each time there is a new transaction posted to the account. Therefore, your monthly payment amounts may differ each month. You will be notified by email each time your payment amount changes. If a student does not stay current on their monthly installment payment(s) they may be removed from the payment plan. If removed from the payment plan, a registration hold will be placed on the student account if the balance is $500 or more. Also, a late fee of .5% will be assessed each month for any unpaid balance on the account. (Payment plans are not offered for summer school.)

Visit for more information about payment plans.

Online Monthly Statements

Around the 17th of each month, an email will be sent to the student’s Bethel email address alerting them that the monthly statement is available to view online with a link to access your statement. Monthly statements will not be mailed to your home address.

View Online Monthly Statements through MyBethel: My Statements and Finances > Bethel Account.

Ways to make a payment

  • Online:  My Bethel > My Statements and Finances > Make a Payment. This will direct you to the Touchnet/Bill-Pay site.  Click “Make a Payment” and follow the prompts.  To enroll in a Semester Payment Plan click "Enroll in Payment Plan" and follow the prompts.  
    • Online by Electronic Check: Authorize automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account with no fee.  
    • Online by credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover with a non-refundable fee of 2.85% or $3 minimum, charged by PayPath (processing service).
  • In person: Pay by check or money order at the Business Office (Anderson Center, 5th Level) 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F.  (Credit cards are accepted online only.)
  • Drop Box:  A drop box is located next to the ATM machine near the entrance of the Campus Store on the main campus.  Items in the drop box will be delivered to the Business Office one time per business day.
  • U.S. Mail:  Mail a check to:  Bethel University, Business Office, 3900 Bethel Drive, St. Paul, MN  55112. Please include your student ID number in the memo portion of the check.

Authorized Users

If a student would like to give electronic access to a spouse or another person to view their account, enroll in a Semester Payment Plan, and make online payments; the student will need to authorize him/her as a user.

Visit for more information.

Registration Hold

Registration for classes in succeeding terms is dependent on full payment of the previous term’s expenses. Students whose accounts are in arrears will have a registration hold on their accounts and will not be permitted to register for the subsequent term.

Any student who pays an outstanding balance by check will have their registration dropped (for future terms) if the check is returned from the bank due to non-sufficient funds. The student will not be permitted to re-register until full payment is received. If repayment is made via check, registration will be granted in 10 business days.

Any student in good standing on a payment plan (current on their monthly payment installments) will be allowed to register for future terms. If the student fails to pay their remaining monthly installments in full, their registration will be dropped.

Be advised that students whose registrations have been dropped have no guarantee the same course(s) will be available when they re-register.

Transcript Hold

When full payment has not been received, a transcript hold is placed on the student account. A transcript hold will prevent an official transcript from being printed by the Office of the Registrar.

Financial Clearance for Graduation

A student will not be issued an official transcript or receive their diploma until all financial obligations have been met.

Financial Suspension

Bethel reserves the right to suspend a student from a program or course(s) if there is failure to provide full payment on the student account when due. Any student who is financially suspended during a semester will be withdrawn from their classes.

Late Fee

A late fee of .5% per month will be assessed on any charges more than 30 days past due.

Past Due Accounts

The following paragraphs apply to all students:

I will be in default if: I fail to pay the total amount payable when due (including my failure to pay because of insufficient funds in an account on which my payment was drawn or other similar circumstances) any scheduled payment under either a semester payment plan or installment  permanent address without notifying Bethel University in writing; I fail to pay any assessment (which is a charge such as a parking fine, library fee or other charge for violations of Bethel University policies) by the 15th day of the month following the month in which I am sent the notice of assessment; I at any time provide Bethel University with any false or misleading information; I die; or a case under U.S. Bankruptcy Code is started by or against me or any guarantor or consignor. 

If I am in default, Bethel University may require immediate payment of my Obligation in full and any unpaid assessments. If Bethel University demands immediate payment and I fail to comply, I agree that Bethel University may add my unpaid assessments to my Obligation. If any payment is not paid in full by the 15th day of the month following the month in which it was due, I agree to pay Bethel University a default charge of six percent (6%) of the unpaid and past due amount of my Obligation. In addition, Bethel University may: prohibit me from scheduling courses for the current or following semester; remove me from current courses; withhold course credits, academic transcripts and my diploma without providing me prior notice thereof until the obligation is paid in full. Bethel University may also exercise any other legal rights it may have, including engaging a collection agency to enforce its rights hereunder or taking legal actions to collect amounts due to it. In the event Bethel University incurs any expenses collecting my Obligation, I agree to pay all reasonable attorneys’ fees, legal expenses and collections fees that result from my default (unless prohibited by law) at the rate of twenty-two percent (22%) of the unpaid principal balance. Even if I am in default Bethel University may or may not require immediate payment, and may delay enforcing any of its rights without waiving them. 

Non-Sufficient Funds Fee

If payment is returned from the bank for non-sufficient funds, a $25 returned check fee will be assessed on the student’s account. Any student who has two checks returned due to non-sufficient funds will not be allowed to make future payments by personal check.

Child Day Care

Bethel reserves the right to transfer the credit balance from the student account to the Child Day Care account (“C” account) should the student fall behind on monthly payments.

Military Education Benefits

If you have questions about military benefits, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 651.638.6241 or email

For more information, visit


Business Office Questions
For more student account and payment information, visit or contact the Business Office at 651.638.6208 (800.255.8706, ext. 6208).

Financial Aid Questions
For more financial aid information, visit or contact the Office of Financial Aid at 651.638.6241 (800.255.8706, ext. 6241).