Academic Calendar

2023-2024 Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2023

August 28 Fall Semester begins
August 28-October 12 First-half Classes
September 4 No classes - Labor Day
October 13-October 21 Intensives/Reading and Research Weeks1
October 23-December 8 Second-half Classes
November 23-24 No classes - Thanksgiving holiday
December 8 Fall Semester ends

Interim Term 2024

January 2 Interim Term begins
January 15 No classes - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 26 Interim Term ends

Spring Semester 2024

Jan 29 Spring Semester begins
Jan 29-March 14 First-half Classes
February 26-March 1 Doctor of Ministry Intensives
March 15-March 23 Intensives/Reading and Research Weeks
March 25-May 10 Second-half Classes
March 29 No classes - Good Friday
May 10 Spring Semester ends
May 27 Commencement

Summer 2024

May 28 Summer Term begins
May 28-June 21 (4 weeks) June Term
May 28-July 5 (6 weeks) First-half Classes
May 28-August 16 (12 weeks) Full Summer Courses
May 27 No classes - Memorial Day
June 17-June 21 Doctor of Ministry Intensives
June 24-August 16 (8 weeks) Summer Term
July 4 No classes - Independence Day
July 8-August 16 (6 weeks) Second-half Classes
August 16 Summer Term ends

Face to face classes that meet once per week generally meet 14 times, 3 hours per week.  Instructors are asked to use a variety of distributed learning tools to continue the course experience throughout the Reading Weeks.  Face to face classes do not meet during Reading Weeks.

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