Admission Categories

Applicants will be notified in writing of their admission decision. A student’s application, including all required materials, is valid for one year from the date of initial admissions decision.


All admission criteria have been met and all admission materials have been received.

Conditional Acceptance

The student has not met all admission requirements. Remaining requirements must be met prior to deadlines stated in the acceptance letter.

Provisional Acceptance

Students entering Bethel with a cumulative high school or college GPA below 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) are provisionally admitted. In addition, students entering with below 45 transfer credits are provisionally admitted.

  • The college GPA will be used to determine provisional acceptance if 12 or more college credits have been completed in A-F letter-graded courses;
  • The high school GPA will be used if fewer than 12 college credits have been completed in A-F letter-graded courses.

Students admitted provisionally with fewer than 45 transfer credits and below a 2.5 cumulative college GPA will not be allowed to proceed beyond 3 courses of coursework taken for a letter grade (A - F) until all Foundations of Academic Readiness (FAR) requirements are met. These students should work with their Student Success Advisor in order to fulfill the FAR requirements at the beginning of their course of study.

Provisional Evaluation

Provisional evaluation provides an early assessment of academic success specific to provisionally-accepted students. Provisional evaluation occurs at the end of the term in which a provisionally-accepted student has completed a cumulative total of three A-F letter-graded courses.

If the student meets the minimum required cumulative Bethel GPA for provisionally-accepted students (1.75) at the time of their provisional evaluation:

  • The student will be allowed to continue in their program of study. 
  • The student must complete any remaining required Foundations of Academic Readiness (FAR) courses.
  • The student will be evaluated for Academic Standing in accordance with the Academic Standing policy in the next term.

If the student does not meet the minimum required cumulative Bethel GPA for provisionally-accepted students (1.75) at the time of their provisional evaluation,  the student will be academically dismissed.

Limited Enrollment

Limited Enrollment is for students who do not meet or do not wish to meet the CAPS General Admission Requirements. Students with Limited Enrollment are permitted to enroll as non-degree seeking students for not more than two courses from a limited list of available courses. Limited Enrollment students who complete both courses with a C or better are permitted to continue as non-degree seeking students.

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