Bethel Seminary, a school of Bethel University, has been advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1871.  Today, we are one of the largest evangelical institutions in the world offering post-baccalaureate study.  We serve a diverse student population from two campuses in the United States and electronically through a variety of online programs.  The university student body consists of 6,600 men and women from 49 states and 31 countries.

But numbers don't tell the whole story.  As we seek to educate and energize men and women for excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service, we have the honor of preparing whole and holy persons for ministry. Strengthened by an exceptional education led by a world-class faculty, Bethel prepares graduates who are purposeful leaders whose service makes a difference around the world.

Bethel Seminary is a Spirit-empowered, biblically grounded ministry of the churches of Converge Worldwide, offered as a resource to all who seek to understand and experience the Gospel of Christ.  Men and women of all denominations are welcome to experience the spirit and passion of Bethel Seminary as they become whole and holy.

Bethel University is registered as a private institution with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to sections 136A.61 to 136A.71.  Registration is not an endorsement of the institution.  Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions.

Bethel Seminary is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).  ATS is the national accrediting agency for theological schools in the United States and Canada.  The seminary also is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  Both ATS and HLC are recognized by the United States Department of Education and by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.  

It is the official policy and commitment of Bethel Seminary not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, gender, or disability in its educational programs, admissions, or employment practices.  The president of Bethel University has designated the director of human resources as the compliance officer for the institution. 


Inquiries regarding compliance may be directed to:

Compliance Officer
Bethel University
3900 Bethel Drive
St. Paul, MN 55112

Communication with the seminary will be better facilitated if correspondence and telephone calls are directed to the appropriate offices. 

Catalog Information

This catalog is part two of a three-part series.  Part one is the application and required materials.  Part two relates to the academic programs and institutional policies found in this catalog.  Part three is the Student Handbook, which outlines university procedures, expectations for students, and student services. 

Within this catalog, the Academic Programs and Descriptions section are prescriptive and apply to all students while enrolled under this year’s catalog requirements. All other sections are descriptive and apply during the academic year covered by this catalog.  The information in this catalog is descriptive, not contractual. All listed courses and programs are current at the time of printing, but are subject to change without notice based on enrollment, faculty availability, and other considerations. Bethel reserves the right to withdraw a course or program or to limit its enrollment.   Bethel reserves the right to add a new program and related courses to this catalog after publication, upon approval from the related state and/or accrediting organizations.  In this event, the new program and courses will be provided, with their effective terms, at https://www.bethel.edu/seminary/academics/.  

While Bethel publishes program information and materials and assigns advisors, the student is ultimately responsible to assure that he or she has fulfilled all graduation requirements. Bethel reserves the right to withdraw a previously awarded degree if it is subsequently determined that the student did not complete degree requirements.

Any questions a Bethel Seminary San Diego student may have regarding this catalog that have not been satisfactorily answered by the institution may be directed to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education at 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833 or P.O. Box 980818, West Sacramento, CA 95798-0818, www.bppe.ca.gov, (888) 370-7589 or by fax (916) 263-1897.

Catalog Updates

During the course of the academic year, catalog information may change.  Any changes made during the academic year will only be reflected in the online catalog.  The printed catalog serves as an archive of catalog information available at the beginning of the academic year.  The printed version of the catalog is available for download on the main catalog page where there is a listing of the current catalogs for the various schools at Bethel University, as well as several PDF archived files of previous years' catalogs.  Together, the printed version of the catalog and the online catalog serve as the official record of any catalog changes.  


St. Paul Campus Contact Information

Bethel Seminary 
3949 Bethel Drive
St. Paul, MN 55112
651.638.6180 or 800.255.8706

Office of Admissions 

Child Development Center
Director of Child Development Center

Doctor of Ministry 
Director of Doctor of Ministry Program

Faculty and Curriculum
Dean 651.638.6658

Office of Financial Aid

Internships and Placement
Director of Internship and Placement

Director of Library



San Diego Campus Contact Information

Bethel Seminary San Diego
6116 Arosa Street
San Diego, CA 92115

Senior Recruiter
619.325.5219 or 800.255.8706, ext. 5219

Supervised Ministry and Internships
Director of Supervised Ministry




Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE)
A Bethel Seminary San Diego student or any member of the public may file a complaint about this institution with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education by calling (888) 370-7589 or by completing a complaint form, which can be obtained on the bureau's internet web site www.bppe.ca.gov.


In This Section

What Makes Us Unique

Who we are at Bethel Seminary, including information on our accreditation, history, and distinctives

Our Faith

Statements on our beliefs, why we believe them, and how we see ourselves as whole and holy people in a covenant community

Student Resources

Information regarding the resources available to students for both our campuses in all delivery options

Bethel Seminary St. Paul

In depth information on Bethel Seminary's campus in St. Paul, Minnesota

Bethel Seminary San Diego

In depth information on Bethel Seminary's campus in San Diego, California.