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* While students cannot major in the Exploratory major, an Academic Plan is available to provide students a possible pathway to follow when mapping out their educational plans.



*These Healthcare programs are offered in addition to Bethel's traditional minors through our dual enrollment program with the College of Adult & Professional Studies to provide students opportunities to supplement their primary degrees with courses that well suit careers in Healthcare.

An overview of how to use this catalog

Course Numbers, Levels, Credits, and Prerequisites

The primary purpose of Bethel’s course number system is to identify the intended participant in of each course, its level of content and material, and any necessary course background. Courses are designed primarily for students at the levels indicated below.

Subject Code Description
100s Freshman
200s Sophmore
300s Junior
400s Senior

The subject code indicates the academic subject being studied. The suffix code indicates the General Education requirement(s), if any, that can be met by completing the course.

Subject Code and Description

Subject Code Description
ARHArt History
ATHArt Therapy
ASLAmerican Sign Language
CHLCommunity Health
COMCommunication Studies
COSComputer Science
DESGraphic Design
DIGDigital Humanities
ENJEnglish and Journalism
ENSEnvironmental Science
GESGeneral Studies
GRKBiblical Greek
HASApplied Health Sciences
HCEHealthcare Endorsement
LEALeadership Studies
MINMissional Ministries
MULMusic-Private Lessons
MUPMusic-Performance Groups
NASNatural Sciences
PEAPhysical Education-Applied
POSPolitical Science
RELReligious Studies
RESReconciliation Studies
SOWSocial Work
SPDSpecial Education
TELTeaching English as a Second Language

General Education Category Designators

A Artistic Experience
D Laboratory Science
G Comparative Systems
J Interpreting Biblical Themes
K Science, Technology, and Society
L Contemporary Western Life and Thought
M Mathematics
P Contemporary Christian Issues
Q Leisure and Lifetime Sport
S Second Language
U World Cultures
Z Cross-cultural Experience


Prerequisites are courses or other requirements (e.g., sophomore standing, consent of instructor, placement exam) that must be met before enrolling in a particular course. In this catalog, a comma between items in a list of prerequisites indicates that students may choose any of the items on the list to meet the prerequisites. A semicolon between items indicates that each item in the list is required before enrolling in the course.

General Education Prerequisites

Course or Category Category Designator Course # Prerequisite Credits Terms Offered
Personal Development:
Artistic Experience A 100-300 None 0-3 F, I, S
Introduction to the Creative Arts - GES 125 None 4 F, I, S
Inquiry Seminar - GES 160 None 3 F, I, S
Leisure and Lifetime Sport Q 1xx None 1 F, I, S
Introduction to Wellbeing - GES 140 None 3 F, I, S
Biblical Foundations:
Introduction to the Bible - BIB 101 None 3 F, I, S
Christian Theology - THE 201 BIB 101, Sophomore standing 3 F, I, S
Interpreting Biblical Themes J 3xx BIB 101; GES 160 or GES 244; Sophomore standing 3 F, I, S
Math, Science, and Technology:
Laboratory Science D 1xx-2xx None 4 F, I, S
Mathematics M 1xx-2xx None (some by placement exam) 3-4 F, I, S
Science, Technology, and Society K 3xx D; M 3 F, I, S
Global Perspectives:
Christianity and Western Culture 1 - GES 130 None 4 F, I, S
Comparative Systems G 3xx (GES 130; GES 160; L-Course and U-course) or (GES 244 and U-course) 3 F, I, S
Contemporary Western Life and Thought L 2xx (GES 130 and GES 1602) or GES 2442 3 F, I, S
Cross-Cultural Experience Z 1xx-4xx None 0-3 F, I, S
Second Language S 102 Placement exam or credit for 101 4 F, I, S
World Cultures U 2xx GES 1302 or GES 2442 3 F, I, S
Cross-Category Integrations:
Contemporary Christian Issues1 P 4xx (GES 140, GES 160, THE 201 and G-course) or (GES 246 and G-course); Senior standing 3 F, I, S
Humanities I: Greco-Roman through Middle Ages - GES 145 None 4 F
Humanities II: Renaissance and Reformation - GES 147 GES 145 4 I
Humanities III: European Enlightenment and American Culture to 1877 - GES 244 GES 147 4 S
Humanities IV: Modern and Contemporary Western Culture - GES 246 GES 244 4 F

Letters (e.g., A, D) indicate a General Education category from which students select a course of their choice.

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