Bethel Community Expectations

Bethel University is an educational community committed to the integration of evangelical Christian faith with learning. A statement called A Covenant for Life Together has been adopted to help clarify how we intend for that faith to inform and guide the lives and actions of members of staff, faculty, Seminary, and College of Arts and Sciences students at Bethel. This document interprets the values by which Bethel has chosen to define itself and is intended to facilitate growth, development, and learning. We understand that some of these values relate to the developmental stages of traditional students and are not necessarily the norm for all Christians.

Students in the College of Adult & Professional Studies and Graduate School are asked to honor this community statement by abstaining from the use of tobacco, alcohol, and profane language on campus, in online classes, and at off-campus class sites. Additionally, CAPS & GS students are required to abide by the Professional Expectations & Community Conduct Agreement.  

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