Preaching and Communication

The effective transformational leader possesses the ability to communicate the Word of God in a manner that produces lasting and healthy change at personal, interpersonal, organizational, community, and global levels. This includes preaching, teaching, leading small groups, and one-to-one communication of biblical truth.

Objectives for students:

  • Effectively communicate the Word of God to contemporary people and cultures;
  • Effectively prepare, communicate, and evaluate a variety of types and styles of sermons, with emphasis given to the expository approach to preaching;
  • Effectively communicate the Word of God in a variety of life situations; and
  • Effectively communicate the Word of God to a racially and culturally diverse world.

CP 510 • Introduction to Preaching 3 Credits

Demonstration of the effective communication of God’s Word using clarity, purpose, and relevance to contemporary contexts. Creation of transformational opportunities for listeners. Application of Scriptural messages in both personal and professional practice while integrating exegetical insights and intercultural understanding.
Prerequisites: BT 510.

CP 610 • Communication and Organizational Leadership 1.5,3 Credits

This course is designed to address the essential elements of leadership communication. A model for leadership communication is presented, and students are challenged to process a wide range of material related to the foundations of leadership communication, organizational culture, organizational conflict, and organizational change.
Prerequisites: CP 510. Special Notes: Crosslisted with ML 610.

CP 720 • Finding Your Voice in Preaching 1.5,3 Credits

This course focuses on helping students discover the preaching style that best fits their unique makeup. Focus is given to the study of various styles of preaching, including styles found in diverse contexts. Students are encouraged to discover their own voice in communicating the message of the Bible by integrating the learning they have done in personal spiritual development.
Prerequisites: CP 510.

CP 743 • Effective Communication from Old Testament Genres 1.5,3 Credits

Students learn how to faithfully communicate the depth of truth found in the passages of the Old Testament. We focus on the process of personally internalizing the biblical text in preparation for preaching it. Attention is given to the preparation of sermons that are biblically and hermeneutically sound as well as transformative in the lives of the preacher and the listener.
Prerequisites: CP 510.

CP 744 • Effective Communication from New Testament Genres 1.5,3 Credits

The recording of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and the impact it had on the entire world has radical implications for our lives today. Students work to create effective communication that brings to bear the revelation of the New Testament on today’s world. This course involves the study of the hermeneutical issues related to the arranging of representative genres of the New Testament materials for preaching.
Prerequisites: CP 510.

CP 762 • Understanding Your Audience 1.5,3 Credits

This course focuses on preparing speakers to shape their messages to communicate effectively with different audiences. Speakers develop an understanding of how to address audiences with whom they will interact regularly, as well as those with whom they have significant differences in background, worldview, and culture. Students develop and deliver two sermons for audiences that are foreign to their experience and background.
Prerequisites: CP 510.

CP 763 • Integrating Media and the Arts in Preaching 1.5,3 Credits

This class explores the use of different forms of media as tools for communicating a given message. Attention is given to the use of media such as PowerPoint, video, film clips, drama, art, and music, as well as to the study of communicators who use the media and arts effectively in preaching. Students preach a minimum of two sermons using media and the arts to communicate their message. An understanding of the approach to preaching presented in CP 510 is assumed.
Prerequisites: CP 510.

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