Office of the President

James (Jay) Barnes III, Ed.D. President
John Addleman, Ph.D. Special Assistant to the President


Debra K. Harless, Ph.D. Executive Vice President and Provost

Diversity and Inclusion

Ruben Rivera, Ph.D. Chief Diversity Officer

Academic Affairs

Deborah L. Sullivan-Trainor, Ph.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean
Julie Finnern, Ed.D. Dean of Professional Programs
Barrett Fisher II, Ph.D. Dean of Arts and Humanities
Carole Young, Ph.D Dean of Natural and Behavioral Sciences; Dean of Faculty Development
Diane Dahl, Ph.D, RN Dean of Nursing and CAPS/GS Health, Medical, and Social Sciences
Joel D. Frederickson, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation

Career Development and Calling

Dave Broza, M.A. Director of Career Development and Calling
Will O'Brien, M.A. LPCC Associate Director of Career Development and Calling

Off-Campus Programs/International Studies

Vincent Peters, M.S.W. Associate Dean of Off-Campus Programs/International Studies
Tanden Brekke, M.Div. Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Service-Learning
Melanie Eslinger, M.A. Assistant Director of Off-Campus/International Studies


David R. Stewart, M.L.I.S. Director of Libraries
Rhonda E. Gilbraith, M.L.I.S. Associate Director and Collection Development Librarian
Karen M. Dubay, M.L.S. Reference and Instruction Librarian
Lyndi Fabbrini, M.L.I.S. Public Services Librarian
Kent T.K. Gerber, M.S. Digital Library Manager
Scott A. Kaihoi, M.L.I.S. Reference and Instruction Librarian/Copyright Liaison
Michael R. Mitchell, M.L.I.S. Reference and Instruction Librarian/Assessment
Amy L. Reinhold, M.L.I.S. Materials Services Librarian
Earleen J. Warner, M.L.S. Reference Librarian
Serena K. Giese, M.L.I.S. Reference and Instruction Librarian/User Experience

Office of Christian Formation and Church Relations

Laurel Bunker, M.A. Associate Vice President of Christian Formation and Church Relations
Matthew C. Runion, M.Div. Associate Dean of Campus Ministries
Jason Steffenhagen, D.Min. Associate Campus Pastor
Donna E. Johnson, M.S., M.A. Assistant Campus Pastor
Paul Kong, M.Div. Assistant Campus Pastor


Diane Krusemark, Ed.D. Registrar
Natalie Gomez Assistant Registrar

Student Life

William O. Washington, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Life
Miranda Powers, M.A., L.P.C Dean of Student Programs
James A. Benjamin, M.A. Associate Dean of Residence Life
Robert B. Bjorklund, M.A. Director of Athletics
Kwai-Yung Carol Chang, M.S. Associate Dean for International Student Programs and Services
Bryan Dennis, M.A. Assistant Dean for Residence Life
Lani Moua, M.B.A. Associate Dean for Intercultural Programs
Rick Meyer, M.A. Wellness Center Director
Jennifer Hillier, M.A. Assistant Dean for Residence Life
Miriam Hill, Ph.D, LMFT Director of Counseling Services
Scott Kirchoff, M.A. Assistant Dean for Leadership Development
Erica Green, M.A. Associate Dean for Campus Engagement
Elizabeth K. Miller, R.N. Director of Health Services
Kara Fifield, M.A. Director of Disability Resources and Services
Sara Wanous Director for Student Activities and Campus Engagement
Pang Moua, M.A. Diversity and Inclusion Associate

Teaching and Learning Technology

Matthew Putz, Ph.D Director of Teaching and Learning Technology
Justin Heglund Lead Media Designer
Kara Wicklund, M.A. Lead Instructional Designer