Children's and Family Ministry

CF 510 • Introduction to Children's, Youth and Family Ministry 3 Credits

This foundational course will present an overview of ministry to children, youth and families. Students will explore the biblical foundations of ministry to children, youth and families set within the broader educational ministries of the church. An overview of current theories and models of ministry to children, youth and families will be offered. These learning experiences will guide the students in developing a personal philosophy of ministry to children, youth and families.

CF 610 • Ministry with Families throughout the Life Cycle 3 Credits

This course is an exploration of church ministry with families; focusing on leadership functions towards strengthening family ministry in the church and faith formation in the home. Students will examine the developmental life cycle of individuals and families. Participants will be introduced to five models of family ministry including the educational model, the counseling model, the nuclear family model, the family of families model, and the family in service model. Varied resources for family ministry will be referenced.

CF 612 • Global/Missional Perspectives 3 Credits

This course is an invitation to learn about what God is doing in children's, youth and family ministry in the global domain. Exploration of the 4/14 Window is foundational to understanding children and youth as a key demographic in global ministry. Various global movements will be examined. Students will explore holistic child and youth development and be introduced to advocacy for children, youth and families at risk in both the North American context and the global context. Children and youth as both recipients and agents of missional movements will be explored.
Prerequisites: CF 510.

CF 620 • The Teaching and Learning Process 3 Credits

This course is a study of the concepts that undergird learning theory, curriculum development, and curriculum assessment in children's, youth and family ministry. It is designed to provide an understanding of the teaching-learning process, the process of curriculum planning, curriculum evaluation and writing of curriculum materials. It also includes planning, implementing and evaluating teaching/learning experiences. The areas of creativity, strengths-based teaching, learning styles, brain-based learning and multiple intelligences will be investigated through reading, discussion, classroom experiences and student-led teaching opportunities. Students will present in class, receive peer review and instructor feedback. Learning through evaluation is a key component of this course including self-evaluation.
Prerequisites: CF 510. A participation fee is associated with this course.

CF 630 • Leadership of Children's, Youth and Family Ministry 3 Credits

This course explores the essence of Christian leadership development and its influence on staff dynamics and the many facets of the administrative process within the context of a staff ministry position. Leadership emergence theory,grounded in the comparative study of life histories of biblical, historical, and contemporary leaders, forms the basis of analysis. Students will be encouraged to examine biblical leadership and the practical skills of creating and maintaining effective ministry teams, healthy staff relationships and dynamic programs for children and families.
Prerequisites: CF 510.

CF 670 • Directed Study in Children's and Family Ministries 1-9 Credits

Research and study by arrangement with the professor.
Special Notes: Permission is required.

CF 751 • Seminar in C & F Ministry 1.5,3 Credits

A Master of Divinity or Doctor of Ministry concentration course; an in-depth study of a particular children and family ministry theme.
Special Notes: This course fulfills Doctor of Ministry concentration requirements for the Congregation and Family Care concentration.

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