Final Examinations

At the close of the Fall and Spring semesters, one week is provided for final examinations. Two hours are allowed for each examination. The examination schedule is prepared by the Registrar and published at the time of registration. Students are required to take examinations at the indicated time. Exceptions necessitated by conflicts with an established work schedule, severe personal hardship(s), or academic hardship (in the form of having three examinations on one day) must be approved by the faculty member. Faculty approval must be obtained at least two weeks prior to the date of the exam in cases where the hardship is known in advance. Exams will not be rescheduled merely for the economy and/or convenience of the student.

Final examinations are usually given in First half of term, January, and Summer school courses, but no special days are specifically set aside for this purpose.

Bethel's policy on final exams is that every regular academic course must include a final exam or other final appropriate academic exercise within the final exam schedule. In lieu of a final exam that covers the entire course, the following have been declared to be appropriate academic exercises: a paper due at the time of the regularly scheduled final exam period; a unit test similar to others given during the term which covers only a part of the course; or a required class meeting or academic exercise during the regularly scheduled final exam period. Final exams should not be advanced into the last week of classes because doing so negatively affects student performance in other classes.

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