General Education
Goal Area 1 - 2 Courses including an Academic Research Writing6
Goal Area 2 - 1 Course3
Goal Area 3 - 2 Courses6
Goal Area 4 - 1 Course3
Goal Area 5 - 2 Courses6
Goal Area 6 - 2 Courses6
General Education Total30
Business and Leadership Major
BUSN 104Introduction to Business3
BUSN 115Personal Financial Literacy3
BUSN 200Business Problem Solving3
BUSN 210Workplace Communication3
BUSN 360Information Technology and Applications3
COMM 160Basic Communication Skills3
ECON 200Principles of Microeconomics3
ORGL 101Leadership in the 21st Century 13
ORGL 330Theories of Organizations and Leadership 13
ORGL 370Leading in the Digital Age 13
Business and Leadership Major Total30
Total Credits60