General Education Requirements and Prerequisites

Print Version: General Education Requirements by Entry Standing: 2023 and forward (pdf)

Course or Category Category Designator Course # Prerequisite Credits Terms Offered
Personal Development:
Artistic Experience A 1xx-3xx None 0-3 F, I, S
Introduction to the Creative Arts - GES 125 None 4 F, I, S
Inquiry Seminar - GES 160 None 3 F, I, S
Introduction to Wellbeing 1 - GES 140 None 2 F, I, S
Biblical Foundations:
Introduction to the Bible - BIB 101 None 3 F, I, S
Christian Theology - THE 201 BIB 101, Sophomore standing 3 F, I, S
Interpreting Biblical Themes J 3xx BIB 101; GES 160 or GES 244; Sophomore standing 3 F, I, S
Math, Science, and Technology:
Laboratory Science D 1xx-2xx None 4 F, I, S
Mathematics M 1xx-2xx None (some by placement exam) 3-4 F, I, S
Science, Technology, and Society K 3xx D; M 3 F, I, S
Global Perspectives:
Christianity and Western Culture 1 - GES 130 None 4 F, I, S
Comparative Systems G 3xx (GES 130; GES 160; L-course and U-course) or (GES 244 and U-course) 3 F, I, S
Contemporary Western Life and Thought L 2xx (GES 130 and GES 1602) or GES 2442 3 F, I, S
Cross-cultural Experience Z 1xx-4xx None 0-3 F, I, S
Second Language S 102 Placement exam or credit for 101 4 F, I, S
World Cultures U 2xx GES 1302 or GES 2442 3 F, I, S
Cross-Category Integrations:
Contemporary Christian Issues1 P 4xx (GES 140, GES 160, THE 201, and G-course) or (GES 246 and G-course); Senior standing 3 F, I, S
Humanities I: Greco-Roman through Middle Ages - GES 145 None 4 F
Humanities II: Renaissance and Reformation - GES 147 GES 145 4 I
Humanities III: European Enlightenment and American Culture to 1877 - GES 244 GES 147 4 S
Humanities IV: Modern and Contemporary Western Culture - GES 246 GES 244 4 F

P course, GES 140 Introduction to Wellbeing, and GES 130 Christianity and Western Culture requirements cannot be fulfilled through transfer courses.


May be taken concurrently.


Letters (e.g., A, D) indicate a General Education category from which students select a course of their choice.

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