Bethel Seminary Catalog 2018-19

This is the Bethel Seminary catalog for the academic year of September 4, 2018 through August 15, 2019.  For a complete listing of important dates in the 2018-2019 academic year, please see the full Academic Calendar in this catalog.  

For a downloadable copy or to view a previous year's catalog, please go to the Bethel Seminary Catalog Archive.

Welcome to Bethel Seminary

For more than 40 years, my heart has been pulled toward seeing God work in educational settings so that people are different – transformed – as a result of the encounters they have in classrooms, faculty offices, hallways, online interactions, and day-to-day ministry.

So, as you consider Bethel Seminary, understand that our commitment is to be a place God uses, better than anywhere else in the world, to change people’s lives, equip them, and send them out to make a difference. My prayer is that our students graduate with a discontent about the status quo, become change agents in the world, and provide a shining example by really living like Jesus.

A hallmark of Bethel’s innovative approach to education for ministry is balanced emphases on biblical and theological foundations, personal and spiritual formation, and transformational leadership. That’s why we upgrade our leadership courses every year with best practices from business, education, faith-based organizations, and government. We incorporate lessons from the lives of Bethel Seminary students into our coursework to ensure the relevance of our attention to spiritual and personal formation. And we form the foundation for our entire curriculum on biblical studies, theological insights, and historical realities.

The result: whole and holy persons who effectively represent Christ to the world. Won’t you join us for the adventure of a lifetime?

James (Jay) H. Barnes III, Ed.D.
President, Bethel University