Seminary Administration and Staff


Seminary Administration and Staff

Randy Bergen Associate Provost for CAPS, Seminary, GS
Peter T. Vogt Seminary Dean
Jeff Sanders Associate Dean of Spiritual Formation and Professional Development
Jeannine Brown Director of Online Programs
John Dunne Program Director, Doctor of Ministry
Denise Muir Kjesbo Program Director, Master of Arts in Children's, Youth, and Family Ministry
Cindy Anderson Seminary Office Coordinator
Lori Matchefts Administrative Assistant for Assessment
Barb Cionca Associate Director of the Cory Center

Seminary Admissions

Janna Collins Director of Admissions
Kasin Lewicki Director of First Impressions


Cheryl Fisk Registrar
Lori Beyer Associate Registrar: CAPS/Seminary/GS
Michelle Graber Assistant Registrar
Jordan DeBord Transfer Evaluation Specialist

Financial Aid

Jeff Olson Director of Financial Aid
Debra Cordova Associate Director of Financial Aid
Marla Rupp Associate Director of Financial Aid
Laura Ellwanger Associate Director of Financial Aid

Student Success and Retention

Kim Thorstad Associate Dean of Student Success and Retentionn
Dan Nimlos Student Experience Manager
Marsha Bradt Student Success Coach

Auxiliary Personnel

Liz Miller, R.N. Director of Health Services
Liz Burd Director of Accessibility Resources and Services
Miriam Hill Director of Counseling Services

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