The Associate of Arts degree contains a balanced program of liberal arts education without orientation to a particular major. Requirements for the degree (60 semester credit hours in total) include 45 semester credits of general education courses and 15 semester credits of elective courses. Courses need to fulfill the goal areas as listed below. Students transferring in 45 credits or less will be required to take SOCS 110.  These requirements can usually be met in two years of full-time study, and they meet the requirements of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. 

General Education requirements for the A.A. degree. 

Goal Area 1: Communication

3 courses including an Academic Research Writing course:

  • Academic Research Writing 
  • Basic Communication Skills 
  • Successful Writing 

Goal Area 2: Critical Thinking

2 courses:

  • Personal Mission and Leadership Development 
  • Succeeding in College (SOCS 110 Required for those with 45 credits or less)

Goal Area 3: Natural Sciences

3 courses:

  • Health and Wellness 
  • Studies in Our Surrounding World 
  • Technology in Our World

Goal Area 4: Mathematical/Logical Reasoning

1 course:

  • Mathematics 

Goal Area 5History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences

3 courses:

  • Global Cultures and the American Mosaic 
  • U.S. History in Dialogue with the Present 
  • Work and Family Dynamics

Goal Area 6: The Humanities and Fine Arts

3 courses:

  • Responding to the Arts
  • Spiritual Quest 
  • The Bible in Real Life