Minor in Education: Teaching Preparation

Minor in Education: Teaching Preparation
EDU 200Introduction to Education3
EDU 201Introduction to Education Field Experience1
EDU 203School Health and Drugs2
EDU 220Introduction to Middle Level Education3
EDU 240Educational Psychology3
EDU 241Educational Psychology Field Experience1
EDU 317GZEducational Equity4
EDU 320Pedagogy and the Young Adolescent Learner1
EDU 321Integrated Literacy in the Content Areas1
Choose from one of the following Graduate level Methods courses:4
Science 5-12 Teaching Methods 1, 2
Visual Arts K-12 Teaching Methods 1, 2
Business 5-12 Teaching Methods 1
Total Credits23

TEAC 524 and TEAC 526 are prerequisites for this course.


Candidates will cross enroll in the Graduate courses as a College of Arts and Sciences students.


Courses whose number is followed by a letter fulfill a General Education requirement.

This minor serves as a pathway to the Bethel Education's Graduate School program in an effort to complete:
EDUC 643Field Experiences in School-based Settings3
EDUC 753Teacher Candidate Seminar3
One of the following Student Teaching Placement options: 15-6
Student Teaching Placement I
Student Teaching Placement I
and Student Teaching II
Total Credits11-12

Candidates must apply to the Bethel Graduate School and enroll in the seminar and student teaching courses concurrently.


Incorporating this minor with a B.A. in approved content could lead toward a teaching license in the content via completion of student teaching in Bethel's Gradudate School.

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