Minor in Music
MUL 143AIntroduction to Keyboard Theory1
MUS 101Music Fundamentals1
MUS 103Introduction to Music Literature2
MUS 104Music Theory I3
MUS 202Music Theory II3
MUS 312Music History and Literature I3
MUS 313Music History and Literature II3
MUS 324Choral Literature and Conducting3
Performance Organizations 12
Private Lessons2
Total Credits *23

Additional Requirement:

  1. Must fulfill recital and concert attendance requirement.

In addition to the usual music vocations, students can prepare for the following careers by combining the bachelor of arts major in music with prescribed minors in business or psychology. (Consult with the Department of Music for specific courses.)

Music Business
(sales, marketing, commercial composition, recording industry, arts manage­ment)

Music Therapy
(use of music in therapy with individuals with disabilities and others who need human services)