The required curriculum for the MBA comprises a 42 semester credit sequence of courses. The core courses comprise 30 credits. A 12-credit concentration is required. Students may complete only one concentration, but may take courses from other concentrations if desired.  Dual-Degree (MBA/MASL) students completing the MBA degree after having completed LEAD 795 for the M.A. degree in Strategic Leadership must complete LEAD 789 in addition to the curriculum below.

BUSN 615Managerial Accounting3
BUSN 645Marketing Management3
BUSN 680Business Strategy3
BUSN 789MBA Portfolio Deliverable0
ECON 635Managerial Economics3
LEAD 607Engaging Your Potential0
LEAD 611Leadership Theory & Personal Agency 13
LEAD 621Worldview, Ethics and Leadership 13
LEAD 631Leading Change in a Changing World 13
LEAD 641Organizational Diagnostics and Health 13
LEAD 651Leadership Formation and Strategic Talent Management 13
LEAD 795Integrative Team Capstone 13
Select one concentration from the Concentrations tab: Finance, Global Management, Management, Healthcare Administration or Strategy & Execution12
Total Credits42

In the MBA program there are core courses that students are required to take, and then there are additional courses for their concentration.  Regardless of the concentration a student chooses, the MBA program consists of a total of 42 credits.  Each concentration consists of 12 credits.  The following is a list of the current concentrations and their respective courses.

Finance Concentration

The Finance concentration is for those who want to take a deeper dive into the finance discipline. Students will study quantitative statistics and global finance trends to make smart business decisions, and they will make financial decisions for a mock company to see the results in real time.

BUSN 605Data Analysis and Decision Making3
BUSN 625Managerial Finance3
BUSN 627Advanced Managerial Finance3
BUSN 628Global Finance3
Total Credits12

Global Management Concentration

The Global Management concentration is for those who wish to be a confident leader in the global marketplace. Students will learn the intricacies of global finance and what it takes to manage global operations. 

BUSN 625Managerial Finance3
BUSN 628Global Finance3
BUSN 652Global Operations Management3
BUSN 675Experiencing Global Business3
Total Credits12

Healthcare Administration Concentration

The Healthcare Administration concentration is for those who aspire to become leaders and innovators in the healthcare industry.  Students will study healthcare policy, health informatics, and finance trends to make informed and ethical decisions in the healthcare setting.

HCAM 600Healthcare Policy and Economics3
HCAM 605Health Informatics and Application3
HCAM 610Legal Aspects in Healthcare3
HCAM 615Finance for Healthcare Administrators3
Total Credits12

Management Concentration

The Management concentration provides additional skills to those who want to excel at making great decisions and getting things done.  Students will learn the secrets of successful projects and develop a more acute sense of what keeps operations running smoothly.

BUSN 605Data Analysis and Decision Making3
BUSN 625Managerial Finance3
BUSN 660Operations Management3
SLDR 615Managing Projects & Quality Initiatives3
Total Credits12

Strategy & Execution Concentration

The Strategy & Execution concentration is for those who want to drive growth and revenue in today's chaotic marketplace.  Students will learn how to create an environment of ongoing innovation, craft advanced business strategies, and then execute on those strategies.  Students will also learn how to bring new products and services to market either as a new business, or as part of an existing business.

BUSN 625Managerial Finance3
BUSN 641Advanced Competitive Advantage3
BUSN 642Innovation & Entrepreneurship3
BUSN 643Strategy Execution3
Total Credits12