The curriculum in the College of Adult & Professional Studies (CAPS) is designed to provide opportunities for students to develop the skills and insights to live successfully and to serve effectively in the world. The resulting graduation requirements are focused around themes that form a coherent view of the world, with each course designed to help students develop specific skills applicable to many situations in that world. The general education curriculum, when combined with one of the majors, results in an academic program that is setting the pace for Christian higher education well into the future.

Programs will incorporate six common themes, including:

  • Skills, strategies, and plans for self-directed learning.
  • Critical thinking skills and dispositions.
  • Ethical principles in areas of study and daily life.
  • Collaboration, leadership, and communication skills.
  • Relationships among Christian faith and program areas of study.
  • Human, social, and environmental relationships in a global and diverse world.

The CAPS Bethel Distinctives (CORE 300 and CORE 330)  are required to be taken at Bethel. Students who have already completed a bachelor's degree at Bethel University are exempt from this requirement.

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