Endorsement in Intercultural Engagement

Endorsement in Intercultural Engagement
Core Courses (choose two):8
Comparative Systems (G) course
Second Language (S) course
World Cultures (U) course
Required Experience (choose one):3-18
One semester abroad (12-18 credits)
One semester off-campus in a Bethel-approved domestic program that engages a different culture(s) (12-18 credits)
One summer abroad (3-6 credits)
One January Session abroad with an affiliate program (3-6 credits)
Required Activities:
Membership in United Cultures of Bethel (UCB) for at least one semester
Attend 5 relevant events on campus (e.g., Reconciliation Studies forum) or off-campus (e.g., colloquium, reading)
Attend the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs' Pre-Departure Orientation and Re-entry workshops
Total Credits11-26

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