Minor in Gender Studies

Minor in Gender Studies
HIS 302History of Sexuality in the United States4
PHI 223LIntroduction to Gender Studies4
Choose 8 credits from the following courses:8
Communication of Gender and Sexuality
Women's Lives, Women's Choices
Women's Spiritual Experience
Spirituality, Sexuality, and the Family
Covenant Relationships: Marriage, Friendship, and Beyond
Masculinity Past and Present
Muslim Women in History
Philosophies of Race and Gender in America
Philosophies of Love and Sex
Gender-tagged course 12-4
Total Credits18-20

Students choose to do a significant research or service-learning project related to the topic of gender studies in a 200-level course or above in the student’s major field of study. Students apply to complete the project at the beginning of the semester, subject to approval by the Gender Studies program co-coordinators. Students may not tag a course listed in the minor’s elective categories.


Courses whose number is followed by a letter fulfill a General Education requirement.

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