The Master of Arts in Ministry (M.A.Min.) is for persons called to vocational ministry in a role that does not require the Master of Divinity. While the curriculum provides excellent preparation for specialized ministry in the church, it is not designed to provide an abbreviated period of graduate study leading to senior pastoral leadership. Those who want to serve in senior leadership positions are encouraged to enroll in the Seminary’s Master of Divinity program.

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of biblical content, a discerning approach to biblical interpretation, and theological reflection informed by historical traditions.
  2. Growth in emotional, spiritual, and relational health resulting in observable love for God and neighbor.
  3. The capacity and skills for effective ministry practice within the context of a ministry team.
  4. Intercultural competence as it is lived out in various ministries of the local church, broader community, and the global arena.
  5. Intentional integration of biblical knowledge and personal and spiritual formation into ministry with diverse populations.

M.A.Min. students are not required to declare a concentration. For those who choose to pursue a concentration, a complete list of all concentrations is available in the "Concentrations" section of this program. Students who choose a concentration may need to take independent studies or extend the length of time to degree completion in order to fulfill the requirements of a particular concentration. 

The M.A.Min is the seminary degree involved with two special academic programs from other Bethel University schools:

For complete degree requirements refer to the degree requirements page.

Campus and Delivery

  • St. Paul Face to Face
  • San Diego Face to Face
  • Fully Online

Master of Arts in Ministry

St. Paul, San Diego, Online

Core Requirements
BT 510Hermeneutics3
HS 510Church History Survey3
NT 516New Testament Survey: Narratives, Letters, and Revelation3
OT 516Old Testament Survey: Law, Prophets and Writings3
NT 518New Testament: Exegetical Explorations3
or OT 518 Old Testament: Exegetical Explorations
TS 512Systematic Theology I: God the Creator3
TS 513Systematic Theology II: God the Redeemer3
TS 516Christian Social Ethics3
Degree Specific Courses
GC 512Global, Cultural and Contextual Ministry3
ML 523Introduction to Transformational Leadership: Theory and Practice in Global Perspective3
SP 510Introduction to Spiritual and Personal Formation3
Concentration Courses and Electives
Electives (CTL or CSPF) 112
Supervised Ministry and Other Requirements
GS 001Graduate Research Seminar0
GS 780Senior Integrative Seminar3
SP 001Formation Assessments0
or SP 002 Formation Assessments
TL 001Vocational Assessments0
or TL 002 Vocational Assessments
Professional Internship 23
Total Credits51

A minimum of 51 semester credits is required for graduation from the M.A.Min. program. The student is responsible for meeting all graduation deadlines and requirements.


Master of Arts in Ministry Concentrations 

Anglican Studies

  • San Diego - Face to Face
  • M.Div., M.A.Min.

The Anglican Studies courses are intended primarily for Master of Divinity students seeking ordination in the Anglican Church of North America.  However, these courses can be used as an Anglican Studies concentration in either the M.Div. program or the Master of Arts in Ministry program. Concentration courses include:

HS 689Anglican Spirituality3
HS 690Anglican Theology and History3
ML 674Ministry with the Sacraments3
ML 679Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition3
Total Credits12


  • San Diego - Face to Face
  • M.Div., M.A.Min.

This program will enable chaplains and those preparing for chaplaincy to train for ministry in contexts such as healthcare services, educational institutions, businesses and corporations, correctional facilities, and the military. In addition to theological and ethical training, graduates of the program will be knowledgeable of the ways in which pastoral care is put into practice in non-church/parish settings. Concentration courses include:

MF 500Principles of Counseling3
MF 635Individual Development, Aging, Family Life Cycle3
MH 656Crisis Intervention and Trauma Response3
PC 729Chaplaincy in Contemporary Society3
Total Credits12

Church Planting

  • San Diego, St. Paul, Online
  • M.Div., M.A.Min.

This concentration is designed to provide foundational training for individuals seeking to plant a new church. Students who complete this concentration will be prepared to develop a vision for a new church, organize teams and a support network to launch a new church, plan worship services and welcoming experiences, and create and implement systems to sustain a new church. Concentration courses include:

ML 531DEChurch Planting Vision and Preparation3
ML 533DECritical Worship Service Elements for Church Plants1.5
ML 535DECreating Sustainable Church Plants3
Free Elective4.5
Total Credits12

Through a partnership with  Gateway Leaders, students can transfer the Cultivate Church Planting (Cultivate) experience to Bethel for 9 credits, fulfilling ML 531DE, ML 533DE, ML 535DE and 1.5 credits of free elective. Students seeking to take Cultivate must register for Cultivate through Gateway Leaders and, upon completion of Cultivate, request Gateway Leaders to send their transcript to Bethel Seminary.

Missional Leadership

  • San Diego - Face to Face
  • M.Div., M.A.Min.

The Missional Leadership concentration is offered at Bethel Seminary San Diego. It is designed to equip participants to both lead and develop leaders who in turn can develop other leaders in rising generations. The curriculum is intended to produce individuals who are theological thinkers, missional activists, leadership developers, cultural architects, spiritual mentors, and relevant communicators. Concentration courses include: 

CM 651Principles of Community Development1.5
ML 623Researching Context of Ministry1.5
GC 614Christianity and Culture1.5
GC 659Implementing Change1.5
GC 656Understanding Cults1.5
PC 610Pastoral Counseling Skills1.5
GC 609Intercultural Communications1.5
ML 506Discipleship in Community1.5
Total Credits12

Pastoral Care and Counseling

  • San Diego - Face to Face
  • M.Div., M.A.Min.

This concentration enables students to prepare for the counseling tasks common in ministry settings as well as for preventive educational efforts in the church. The curriculum provides preparation in pastoral care and counseling enabling those involved in a local church as well as agency ministries to enhance health and wholeness in the variety of organizational and social contexts served by these ministries. Concentration courses include:

Choose course according to program
PC 512Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling (For MAMin students only)3
PC or SP elective of choice (3 credits) (For MDiv students, since they already take PC 512 as part of their degree requirements)
MF 500Principles of Counseling (For MDiv students only)3
MH 656Crisis Intervention and Trauma Response3
MF 635Individual Development, Aging, Family Life Cycle3
Total Credits12

Post-Christian Ministry (Gateway Church Partnership)

  • San Diego/St. Paul - Online
  • M.Div, M.A.Min.

Post-Christian Ministry is designed as an experience for individuals living in Austin, Texas, and working as interns with Eric Bryant. It is available through the Online delivery format and includes courses taken directly with Gateway Church. The concentration in Post-Christian Ministry is designed for pastors, church planters, teachers, writers, and church leaders who are serving in post-Christian environments or who feel called to reach those not being reached through traditional methods. The concentration emphasizes creating networks (missional communities) and Sunday gatherings where people can “come as they are.” After students complete the concentration, they will know how to engage with people and cultures that are unfamiliar with the Christian tradition, how to help people move from lost to leading, and how to invite skeptics to become Christ-followers who disciple and reach others. The concentration courses, with the exception of the required elective, are operated by Gateway Church. Students in this concentration must register for the concentration courses through Gateway Church and have transcripts sent from Gateway Church to Bethel Seminary to facilitate the transfer of credit. The Post-Christian Ministry concentration consists of the following courses: 

Introduction to Post-Christian Ministry 13
Missional Innovation 13
Leading Missional Organizations 13
Free Elective3
Total Credits12

Young Life Youth Ministry (Young Life Partnership)

  • San Diego/St. Paul/Online
  • M.Div., M.A.Min.

The Young Life Youth Ministry concentration is intended for students who are concurrently involved in the Young Life organization. Young Life courses approved for transfer to Bethel Seminary to meet requirements for this concentration include:  DC 635YL Introduction to Youth Ministry; ML 613YL Leadership II; ML 620YL Equipping Leaders Who Volunteer; and ML 615YL Organizational Leadership and Church Governance.  Students must receive a grade of C or higher to fulfill the Bethel requirement.  Courses must be taken within 10 years of the time the Bethel degree is awarded.  Courses will cease to apply to the Bethel degree when they reach 10 years in age.  The Young Life concentration in the M.A.Min. is comprised of any four of these courses taken in addition to all other degree requirements.  The Young Life concentration in the M.Div. is comprised of any of these courses taken in addition to the 63 credits of the M.Div. core, two free electives, Senior Integrative Seminar, and Supervised Ministry.