Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree

General Requirements for a Baccalaureate Degree

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Science Nursing (B.S.N.), Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.), Bachelor of Music Education (B.Mus.Ed.)

  1. A cumulative overall grade point average of 2.00. The cumulative GPA includes only courses taken at Bethel.
  2. A 2.25 grade point average in one’s major, unless otherwise noted. The major GPA includes all courses required in the major and all electives taken for the major at Bethel.
  3. A minimum of 122 semester credit hours.
  4. The following must be taken in programs that meet Bethel residency requirements or at Bethel (see Office of the Registrar or Office of Off-Campus Programs and International Studies):
    • at least 28 of the last 35 credits,
    • at least half of the credits used to meet the ­requirements of the major,
    • at least 30 of the 122 credits needed to graduate,
    • GES 130 Christianity and Western Culture or GES 145 through GES 244 in the Humanities Program (must be taken at Bethel; cannot be brought in through any other programs),
    • a Contemporary Christian Issues (P) course (must be taken at Bethel; cannot be brought in through any other programs).
    •  GES 140 Introduction to Wellbeing must be taken at Bethel except by students who are exempt from this requirement because of their entry level. 
  5. A minimum of three (3) semester credit hours in General Education Biblical Foundations courses.
  6. A minimum of 36 credits at the upper-division level (300 and 400).
  7. All General Education required courses and experiences listed on the General Education Entry Standing chart that are indicated by a “Yes” for their entry level.
  8. Completion of January session courses as indicated on the General Education Entry/Transfer Level chart on the following pages (minimum of three (3) credits, maximum of five (5) credits per January).
  9. Completion of the requirements of a major (listed by department in this catalog).
  10. Demonstration of basic competencies in:
    • Writing: One course is designated in each major, in addition to the required GES 160 Inquiry Seminar course and a writing emphasis in Contemporary Western Life and Thought (L) course, Comparative Systems (G) course, Interpreting Biblical Themes (J) course, and Contemporary Christian Issues (P) course.
    • Speaking: One upper-division course is designated in each major, in addition to required speaking assignments in the GES 160 Inquiry Seminar course, the Humanities Program, and Contemporary Christian Issues (P) courses.
    • Computing: As Bethel faculty increase the applications of computing to regular courses in each major, student knowledge of basic uses in their fields will be required. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops with them to campus.
  11. In order for multiple majors and minors to be considered as one degree program, they must be taken simultaneously and completed within one academic year of each other. Bethel University will award a student’s degree when a student’s degree program requirements have been completed, whether or not the student applies to graduate. Students maintain eligibility for financial aid while completing their degree program provided that their total credits do not exceed 150% of the credits required for their degree program. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  12. Completion of any departmental and institutional assessment activities.
  13. Upon completion of program, participation in commencement ceremonies is expected.

Additional Baccalaureate Degree

An additional Bethel University Baccalaureate Degree (e.g. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.), Bachelor of Music Education (B.Mus.Ed.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)) may be awarded, upon request, when a student has met all requirements of the additional degree and earned, in residence, a minimum of twenty-seven (27) unduplicated Semester Credits from the department in which the additional degree is earned. Unduplicated semester credits are those that are not used to meet the requirements of any other Bethel University Baccalaureate Degree. Transfer students who hold a Baccalaureate Degree from another institution may earn a Bethel University Baccalaureate Degree if they meet all the requirements of the degree program including the general education requirement and the residency requirements. 

Double Majors

The overlapping of requirements in any combination of majors chosen by a students is permitted as long as the student meets the requirements listed for each major. All completed programs (e.g. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.), Bachelor of Music Education (B.Mus.Ed.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)) will be indicated on the transcript, regardless of overlapping course requirements and without the addition of extra required hours. The senior seminar in both majors is required of students unless the student gets written approval from one of the departments to waive that seminar. Students should have an official advisor in one of the two majors, but they should regularly check with an advisor in the second major to make sure they are on track with that second major. 

Commencement Ceremony Participation

Students who have not completed all required courses for graduation may participate in the commencement ceremony provided they have no more than a total of seven (7) credits remaining. For May commencement, students must plan to complete their courses by the end of the Fall term of the next academic year. For December commencement, courses must be completed by the end of the Spring term of the same academic year. 

Policies regarding residency requirements, as well as any departmental residency requirements, apply. 

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