Endorsement in Healthcare Professional Preparation

The Healthcare Professional Preparation endorsement will provide a broad, multi-disciplined foundation for students majoring in any healthcare profession, e.g. nurses, pre-med, pre-PAs, pre-PT, social workers, chaplain. Students will have the opportunity to develop areas of knowledge and skills that complement their academic major in the healthcare field.

Healthcare Professional Preparation Endorsement
BIO 105Medical Terminology2
CHL 110Introduction to Healthcare3
Choose one of the following courses:3-4
Introduction to Health Communication
Group Communication
Facilitating Difficult Conversations
Choose one to three of the following courses:1-4
Nonverbal Communication
Public and Community Health
Decision-Making and Medical Technology
The Body's Response to Trauma
Introduction to Sociology
Conversations about End of Life
Total Credits9-13

Courses whose number is followed by a letter fulfill a General Education requirement. 

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