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Increasingly, large numbers of capable and committed Christians express the need for more depth and background in knowledge and experience in order to serve Christ more effectively. They also want to understand and appreciate the dimensions of their own faith to a greater extent. Some are not certain about their future vocations. Certificate programs offer a limited course of study, giving individuals a basis for deciding whether a church vocation might be what God desires for them. 

The Certificate in Biblical Studies

The goal of this certificate, which emphasizes foundational coursework in biblical studies, is to nurture more informed, whole and holy people for the blessing of church congregations and their witness to the world. Its purpose is to strengthen faith and understanding, and to equip people to teach and lead with godly wisdom.

The Certificate in Biblical Studies is awarded upon completion of nine credits in the areas of biblical interpretation and surveys of the Old and New Testaments. All three required courses must be taken at Bethel, and only courses taken for credit will apply toward the certificate. Coursework from other institutions is not transferable. After receiving this certificate, students who later choose to pursue a Bethel degree, may receive credit toward their specific degree program for courses taken, if applicable.    

BT 510Hermeneutics3
NT 516New Testament Survey: Narratives, Letters, and Revelation3
OT 516Old Testament Survey: Law, Prophets and Writings3
Total Credits9

Delivery Options

  • Face-to-Face
  • Fully Online

The Certificate in Theological Studies

The Certificate in Theological Studies is offered for those individuals who want more depth in biblical studies and theology to enhance their current ministries and occupations; for those needing biblical and theological studies for missions and parachurch organizations; or for individuals seeking direction regarding their future vocations who want a limited course of study to guide them in making a decision about vocational Christian ministry.

The Certificate in Theological Studies comprises three core courses and five electives. The 24-credit certificate can be completed in two years with either face-to-face or fully online courses. The following courses are required for the certificate:

SP 001Formation Assessments0
SP 510Introduction to Spiritual and Personal Formation3
BT 510Hermeneutics3
TS 512Systematic Theology I: God the Creator (or )3
or TS 513 Systematic Theology II: God the Redeemer
ElectivesAny master's level course at Bethel Seminary15
Total Credits24
Delivery Options
  • Face-to-Face
  • Fully Online
Gainful Employment Information

Important Information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program can be found here: https://www.bethel.edu/academics/gainful-employment/theological-studies/index.html

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