Endorsement in Healthcare Pathways

The healthcare pathways endorsement prepares students to tackle the industry's most pressing issues. Through focused academic course work, intentional exploration of healthcare and health careers, individual career counseling, and internships with corporate partners, students get a tailored educational experience aimed at preparing them for a career in healthcare.

To learn more about the healthcare endorsement or to apply, visit https://www.bethel.edu/academics/pathways/healthcare-excellence/healthcare-endorsement

Healthcare Pathways Endorsement
CHL 110Introduction to Healthcare3
COM 209Introduction to Health Communication3
Choose one of the following experiences:0-4
Healthcare Related Internship
A Departmental internship with healthcare emphasis
A non-academic internship
Choose one of the following courses:3
Health Campaigns and Technology
Environmental Ethics
Decision-Making and Medical Technology
Contemporary Moral Issues
Christian Social Ethics
Total Credits9-13

The healthcare pathways endorsement is indicated on the transcript of students who have completed program requirements and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the time their degree is awarded. 

Courses whose number is followed by a letter fulfill a General Education requirement.

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