CAPS Courses by Goal Area

Goal Area 1: Communication

Category R: Academic Research Writing
CHMN 350RResearch Writing for Christian Ministry3
ENGL 225RAcademic Research and Writing3
ORGL 340RScholarly Research and Writing for Organizational Leadership3
Other Goal Area 1
BUSN 210Workplace Communication3
BUSN 330Intercultural Business Comm.3
CHMN 451Communication in Ministry3
COMM 160Basic Communication Skills3
COMM 340Cross-Cultural Communication3
ENGL 130Successful Writing3
ORGL 350Leadership Communication3

Goal Area 2: Critical Thinking

BUSN 104Introduction to Business3
BUSN 200Business Problem Solving3
BUSN 325Business Database Management3
BUSN 415Intermediate Macroeconomics3
CORE 300Community, Self and Formation3
CORE 330Examining Crucial Questions3
ORGL 120Personal Mission and Leadership Development3
ORGL 330Theories of Organizations and Leadership3
ORGL 370Leading in the Digital Age3
SOCS 110Succeeding in College3
SOCS 120Introduction to Healthcare3

Goal Area 3: Natural Sciences

BIOL 120
Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
and Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab
CHEM 101
Introduction to Chemistry
and Introduction to Chemistry Lab
CHEM 113
General Chemistry
and General Chemistry Lab
HEPE 260Physical Wellness3
NASC 275Environmental Studies3

Goal Area 4: Mathematical/Logical Reasoning

BUSN 115Personal Financial Literacy3
MATH 124Calculus I4
MATH 180Mathematics in Real Life3
MATH 301Business Mathematics and Statistics3
PSYC 335Introduction to Statistics3

Goal Area 5: History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences

ADST 435Cross-cultural Perspectives3
ADST 445Counseling Microskills3
ADST 450Introduction to Addictions Counseling3
BUSN 205Survey of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics3
BUSN 310Global Management and Leadership3
BUSN 335Business Law3
BUSN 415Intermediate Macroeconomics3
COMM 340Cross-Cultural Communication3
CORE 300Community, Self and Formation3
CORE 330Examining Crucial Questions3
EDUC 324Educational Psychology4
FINA 450Global Finance3
HIST 250U.S. History in Dialogue with the Present3
HUSE 300Family Perspectives3
HUSE 386Social Inequality3
HUSE 400Research Methods3
HUSE 405Family Social Policy3
NURS 425Cultural Diversity in Healthcare3
ORGL 101The Relational Leader3
ORGL 330Theories of Organizations and Leadership3
POLS 100American Government and Politics3
PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology3
PSYC 305Lifespan Development3
PSYC 320Social Psychology3
PSYC 340Psychopathology3
PSYC 380Motivation and Emotion3
SOCS 130Christianity & Western Culture4
SOCS 170Conflict Management and the Social Scientific Perspective3
SOCS 255Introduction to American Cultures3
SOWK 200Sociology for Social Workers2
SOWK 240Socioeconomic & Justice Issues3
SOWK 250Social Welfare History2
SOWK 270Social Perspective3
THEO 341Gospel in Cross-Cultural Perspective3

Goal Area 6: The Humanities and Fine Arts

ARTC 150Responding to the Arts3
BIBL 230The Bible in Real Life3
BIBL 331Significance of the Old Testament3
BIBL 332Significance of the New Testament3
BIBL 360Biblical Interpretation for Ministry3
CHMN 140Spiritual Quest3
CHMN 300Foundations for Christian Ministry3
CHMN 320Personal Spiritual Formation3
CORE 330Examining Crucial Questions3
ENGL 100How Stories Change the World: How to Read and Why3
THEO 341Gospel in Cross-Cultural Perspective3
THEO 441Christian Theology3

Category H: Ethics

ADST 485HProfessional Practice Issues and Ethics3
BUSN 425HApplied Ethical Decisions in Life and Business3
CHMN 495HPractical Issues in Ministry3
NURS 330HEthical Theory and Applied Nursing Ethics3
ORGL 465HApplied Leadership Ethics3
PSYC 410HPrinciples of Counseling and Psychotherapy3
SPED 480HStudent Teaching: Academic Behavioral Strategist4
SOWK 490HIntegrative Seminar4

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